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Turning Over a New Leaf May 15, 2008

Posted by Mitchell in Home.

Let’s take a closer look at those tree forms.

  It\'s time for your close-up.

Now that I look at them again they’re kinda Dr. Suessish.  Hm.  We’ll just keep that to ourselves m’kay?

Looking around on my palette I knew I couldn’t go with any cool shades, so all the blues and greens were out.  Considering my sky anything in the yellow realm was right out too.  That left the browns, reds and maybe violets.  I started to play around with some more of my quinacridones on separate paper.  Q.Magenta and q.burnt sienna made a beautiful color that really stood distinct from the sky.  I practised some strokes, decided on a mixture and went for it.  See the results below the fold.

Red Trees

In this painting I wanted to make a real departure from all my others.  Big. Bold. Colors.  And strong, confident strokes.  A big part of the problem that I’ve had with almost all of my paintings is a style marked with hesitance and small, dithering strokes.  It makes for an overall fussiness in my style that I really don’t like.  Couple that with a tendency towards blandish, weak tea colors and that covers a big chunk of my deficiency as a painter.

These trees came out a bit redder than I had originally planned.  You know what?  That’s probably a good thing.

Because of their color and somewhat vascular shape, I’ve decided to call them “The Bloodtrees”



1. Lemur King - May 17, 2008

In the Hyperion novels by Dan Simmons there are certain trees on the planet Hyperion called Tesla Trees, and they through some unexplained process create huge nasty crispy critter lightning bolts. For some reason I picture your trees in that color.

Bloodtrees is nice and sinister though. I like it. Bold colors like they are in your painting really make the negative spaces pop.

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