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Where Does the Time Go? May 13, 2008

Posted by Mitchell in Home.

It’s been what?  9 Days since a post?  Jenkies H. Crackers.  Not only that, but we’re already through a goodly chunk of 2008 too.  That’s just crazy.  Not much excitement here at Casa Del Yorl, so days drift by unremarked.  Time to make some remarkes then.

I finished and poly coated the trebuchet the weekend before last.  It looks great!  I also found a sack of steel pachinko machine balls I’ve been carrying around since the 70’s and they’re perfect for the ballest bucket on the catapult.  I had to fiddle with the string lengths again to get it to fire right.  I also lost the red clay ball that came with it for a while and had a hard time finding just the right object for size and weight.  I turned out that a small spool of thread was just right and it whipped it right across the room and thwacked into a wall 20 feet away.  I’ll get some video of it and post it soon.  Promise.

What else?  Oh, the watercolor class is over.  Yesterday was the final Class Critique for the regular students.  Zwups!  I thought the final day was this Wednesday.  I wasn’t finished with the painting I was working on and didn’t bring any of the others I did this semester so I didn’t participate.  I just worked on the painting instead.  It still isn’t finished, but it’s getting close and it might be the best one ever.  I’ll put up another post about that in a bit, because it’s gonna be kinda long. 

That’s it for now.  I’ll type at you later.

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