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Crap March 4, 2008

Posted by Mitchell in Home.

I just got a call this evening from my Mom – it seems that Dad was one of the 40,000 + people exposed to Hepatitis and AIDS at one of the corrupt corner-cutting endoscopy clinics in town.  This really sucks.  All the testing facilities are of course clogged with people needing to get tested for possible infection.  Waiting times are over an hour long, and they may have to pay up to $150 for the privilege.  Maybe not though – I heard on the radio this morning that UMC centers are offering tests for free.  I didn’t listen all that close, so those might be income-based fee scheduled as well. 

In all likelihood he wasn’t infected, but we need to find out.  I don’t know how sensitive these tests are these days.  I know symptoms might not show up for years.  Does anybody know if he’s going to need periodic testing from now on, or is it a straight up and down one time thing?

***Update*** Found the thing about UMC.  It seems they’re only offering a free visit with a physician.  The testing still has to be done elsewhere for a fee.  I don’t know what the point of the free visit is though.  Whatever.  Dad has an appointment for next Friday morning.  It will take 3 – 7 days to get results back.  I figure it will probably be longer considering the sudden volume.


1. S. Weasel - March 5, 2008

Ow. That DOES suck. I don’t have any medical insights, though.

He’s probably safe, but luck to your dad anyhow.

2. Steamboat McGoo - March 5, 2008

My sympathies to your dad, Enas. I’m sure he’s OK.

3. Steamboat McGoo - March 5, 2008
4. bmac - March 5, 2008

We’ll be thinking about you and your dad Enas.
If we can help in any way, we got your back.

5. Enas Yorl - March 5, 2008

Yup, the whole thing is snowballing a bit as they’ve closed down the other places these clowns were running, McGoo. I hope these bastards get their medical licenses stripped and get thrown in jail for a very long time.

Thanks for the kind thoughts, y’all.

6. eddiebear - March 5, 2008

Damn. Extend my best to you and your folks. This sucks ass.

7. geoff - March 5, 2008

If Solomon were presiding at their trial, he would sentence them to a year of endoscopies using their own recycled equipment.

Hope your Dad turns out to be fine.

8. Steamboat McGoo - March 5, 2008

We can hope they get colo-rectal exams nightly in prison. Heh.

9. Muslihoon - March 5, 2008

Sorry to hear this, Enas.

10. Michael - March 5, 2008


Best wishes for you Dad, Enas.

11. nicedeb - March 5, 2008

He’s probably alright, Enos. The worst part for you all will be waiting that 3 – 7 days for the results.

Good luck.

12. eddiebear - March 5, 2008

Please keep us posted. This should not happen anywhere in the world, let alone this country. These bastards need to get the treatment Steamboat suggested.

13. Muslihoon - March 6, 2008

Yes, please keep us updated.

14. Enas Yorl - March 6, 2008

I will post the results as soon as I know. Thanks for all the kind thoughts and words, they are really appreciated.

15. Really Robin - March 7, 2008

Hmm – they remind junkies not to share needles and then a clinic where you trust that the staff is professional and trained does what the junkies are smart enough NOT to do! Amazable!

Enas, I am praying for your dad – that his health not be affected by the carelessness and stupidity of others. Also, for your family as you wait for results.

16. Enas Yorl - March 7, 2008

Thanks Really Robin! Dad had his appointment today and we’ll know one way or another next Friday.

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