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Why Your Computer Sucks March 31, 2008

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I found this interesting article about the problems with web standards and related whatnot:  Martian Headsets over at Twenty-Sided a few days ago.  It’s kinda long but worth reading the whole thing to get an idea why computer stuff never seems to work quite as well as you would expect them to by now. 

I’m Not Afraid of Heights… March 27, 2008

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But I have a very, very healthy respect for depths.

This mountain pass is just crazy: 

I betcha LiveLeak loses tons of hits to Youtube ’cause LiveLeak is so retarded.

Help Me Spend 50 Bucks March 25, 2008

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Remember those remote controlled mini-helicoptors I bought on-line a whle ago?  Yah, they were total crap.  The red one barely responded to the controls and the black one wouldn’t recharge – one flight and it was done.  The Engrish on the box and in the instruction manual was hilarious though.  I sent them back and asked for credit.  So, now I get to pick up some new stuff.  Check out ThinkGeek and suggest something(s).

Virtual Barber March 24, 2008

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Plug in some headphones and listen to this: 

Cool huh?

Old Art March 18, 2008

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Here’s a ballpoint pen drawing I did many, many years ago in Drawing 1 in college.  Clicky for bigger size

Cigarette Mask

One of the projects we worked on most of the semester was to provide 20 (or so) drawings of a single subject.  One drawing per week.  I chose a pack of cigarettes.  When you have to draw something differently 20 times you tend to wander into some strange areas, desperate for new ideas.  This one was somewhere in the middle of the (heh) pack.

Obama Toast March 18, 2008

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John Derbyshire at the Corner found this:  Miracle Obama Toast.  Be sure to scroll down and read the description – it’s hilarious.

Humph! March 17, 2008

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It seems that they decided to have Spring Break this week at school and no one bothered to tell me about it.  How rude!  It took me a while to figure out that classes were actually closed and not that a whole buncha people were playing hookey for St. Patrick’s Day (the parking lot wasn’t completely empty).  Obviously I have no choice but to drink scotch and soda at them in retalliation.  Ha!  Take that!

Birthday Present March 16, 2008

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Sometime next week I get my $2,000 – Uncle Sam’s pound o’flesh bonus check.  I also have a birthday coming up next month and I’ve been considering another gun purchase.  I am now reconsidering this purchase for something else – a nice bed.  Every morning I get up with sore hips and back and I don’t sleep very well during the night.  Hell, I don’t remember the last time I slept all the way through.  My current bed is a Serta Perfect Sleeper and it’s probably about 10 years old.  It has some sags in it and flipping the matress doesn’t work anymore.

Here’s what I’m looking at now:  Select Comfort 6000.  The configuration I’m looking at for that model runs about $2500.  Plus another $150 for delivery, installation and removal of the old bed.  Expensive?  Yup!  It would be worth every penny though if it would give me a decent night’s sleep.  My parents have a Select Comfort bed and they love it.  What about y’all?  Any opinions out there in the Peanut Gallery?

No Gnus is Good Gnus March 14, 2008

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There were no calls at the Parental Units’ house today related to the health clinic fiasco.  Huzzah!

Updates March 10, 2008

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Phone Scam 

I got a message from the police saying they checked into the numbers I gave them in the message.  They could tell the numbers were registered to some business, but not which one.  It was then suggested I contact Sprint.  Wow, that’s some real crack investigative work there guys!

But, guess what?  Those guys from “Sprint” called back again today!  I hung up on the first dude and the “Supervisor” called me right back again.  They really, reallywant that socialist insecurity number.  I actually talked a bit with this guy.  The reason they need all this information was because they are giving me a very expensive cell phone package and they really need to make sure they know who they are giving it to.  He was quick to tell me that Sprint is a very reputable company dontchaknow.  What chutzpah.  The shit of it is that this actually probably works a lot of the time.   He even gave me his name and ID number so I could check into him!  What a nice fellow!  The name was obviously fake, but whatever.  I told him I wasn’t coughing up the SSN until I checked into his story and hung up. 

I dug around on Sprint’s website looking for a number to call to check into this guy’s story, but unless you’re already a customer there doesn’t seem to be a number to use.  I dug out the local listings and called a store here in town.  Which is what the dude suggested, actually.  He seemed pretty confident that any local store would know all about him and vouch for what they are doing.  The person I talked to had no clue about this guy or his “special promotion”.  She seemed pretty alarmed about it actually.  I gave her the numbers they were calling in on and the details of our conversations.  She thanked me and said she would have this investigated right away.  Okee doke!  She calls me back right away and tells me that she can’t get through on either of the numbers I gave her – a high, fast busy signal is all she gets.  That sounds like the “disconnected” sound to me.  She reassures me they’re definitely investigating into this further and thanks me for notifying them.  Okee doke.  Those guys are long gone by now, assuming they were ever actually “here”.   I wish now I had played this better – strung them out a bit and let them hope they could still get thier hands on that precious, precious number.  Oh well.

The Paternal Unit

Dad had his blood drawn on Friday as scheduled.  The results would be back in one week.  That’s actually faster than what I thought it would be so that’s good.  They are only going to call if the results come back positive for something.  If he’s clear, they won’t call at all.   Cripes.  It’s the most efficient way, I suppose, but Mom’s gonna be a basket case all day Friday.  She’s gonna be anxious from the time she gets up to the time she goes to bed and every phone call they get that day is gonna scare the bejeebers out of her.  Hopefully they have a nice, quiet day.

Oh, and there’s a ID theft tie-in here – somebody tried to charge a trip to Europe on my Dad’s credit card last week.  The card company called to confirm the unusual purchase, luckily.  It’s cancelled now and the charge was not approved obviously.  They will find out soon what did sneak in though. 

We live in interesting times folks.