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Car Crash February 19, 2008

Posted by Mitchell in Home.

I am driving up Maryland Parkway, one of the city’s main North/South thoroughfares near the center of town.  It’s night-time and the traffic is light.  I’m in the far right lane, cruising along.  Suddenly, I notice a car to the right of me.   It’s travelling in the shoulder lane with no lights on.  The car is also a dark color and it’s hard to see.  Some areas of town are so well lit, that you can’t hardly tell if your lights are on or not at night.  Some parts of Maryland Parkway are like that too.  We’re not in any of those parts. 

I look back at the road ahead.  It’s clear.  I look back at the other car.  It’s not even with mine, but just a bit back – virtually hanging out in my blind spot.  It looks like it may have tinted windows too.  Very dark.  Very hard to see in between streetlights.  I don’t like that car there, in a lane it shouldn’t be in with no lights on.  That shoulder lane is where people swing into to turn off the street, or in some residential type areas some people park there.  We’re getting into one of those areas now.  I start to speed up – I wanted that car to be behind me.  I look back to the road ahead.  There are a few cars up ahead, but they aren’t very close.  I check the rear-view mirror.  Nothing.  I check the side view – the dark car is a little further behind, but it’s speeding up now too.  Crap.  I look forward and we’re gaining on the cars ahead.  They are still aways off though. 

I’m really getting annoyed now and I goose the speed up harder with a sharp press on the gas.  The engine surges.  I really want this jerk behind me in case he does something dangerous or stupid.  Well, more dangerous or stupider than driving in the shoulder lane with no lights on a darkish street.  I check the rear-view.  Nothing.  Side mirror – nothing.  I glance forward and the cars ahead are closer, but are not an immediate concern.  Where did that dark car go?  I look right just as I pass under a street light.  It’s back and I can see it now.  It accelerated too and is now almost even with me.  Dark windows – I can’t see in.  I decided that I don’t want to play games with this asshole and that I’m switching to the next left lane and slow down to normal speed.  I’m not in a race; let that idiot go ahead.  I turn my attention back to the front.  The cars ahead stopped at a light I wasn’t aware of, and the last car in my lane has no brake lights on.  I notice this situaton too late.  Far too late.

 I don’t know how fast I’m going, but I’m up to a pretty good clip for a city street.  Around 55 – 60 mph anyway.  I move to hit the brake, but it’s too late.  Far, far too late.  I don’t even touch the pedal when I smash into the car in front of me at full speed.  I’m not wearing my seat belt either.  My car crunches into the other and I feel myself picked up by the cruel physics of mass and inertia and they hurtle me forward as the rear end of my car lifts up.  Just before I get inserted into the Great Hereafter, or the World Of Pain face first through my windshield I have just enough time for a sad wish that this is just a bad dream while absolutely certain that it was not.  It all goes black.

 My eyes snap open.   I’m in my bedroom, and in my own bed.  My cat is lying on top of me, snoozing and it’s early morning.  It wasjust a dream.  My anger at having the crap scared out of me is washed away in the flood of relief that it didn’t actually happen.  This was last Sunday and it is the latest installment of my oldest re-occurring nightmare series I’ve been having since I was a kid:  death or grievous injury due to some horrific car wreck where I’m the driver. 

 So, do any of y’all have nasty dreams you’d like to share?



1. S. Weasel - February 20, 2008

Holy —! I was getting all set for the “is it bad? Are you going to be okay”? post.

I have a recurring dream about tornadoes. Well, just the theme. Tornadoes. They are terrifying, powerful but wonderful things in my dreams. Half the time, I turn around and deliberately walk into them. I think they represent God.

There was a group on Usenet for dreams. I forget what it was called. I posted about this there, and it turns out a HUGE number of people have dreams about tornadoes.

I blame the Wizard of Oz.

2. Enas Yorl - February 20, 2008

Sorry Weasel. I thought it was better to write it this way rather than “Hey, here’s this wacky dream I had the other night…”

Tornadoes – I’ve never had the pleasure of one of those dreams. I got sucked into the sky once though. That one bugged me for the longest time. You’re probably right about da Wiz being responsible.

3. Steamboat McGoo - February 20, 2008

I had the same thoughts as Weaz. Ya had me shittin’.

…And you did it JUST right, Enas. Snag the attention before giving the punchline. Good writing.

4. pajama momma - February 24, 2008

Oh yes. I was horribly traumatized from that tidal wave that killed all those people in December 2004.

All those moms having their babies ripped from their arms and there was nothing they could do about it. It was horrific to me. I lived in Arizona when this happened. Not a lot of water there.

In addition to this I’d seen some sort of Cops episode (or something like that) where this woman in Florida had called 911 because someone had hit her car from behind and knocked her into the water. At this time they were not able or not allowed to use GPS to locate your vehicle (I’m not sure what the deal was) For the life of me I don’t understand why she didn’t get out of her vehicle, she didn’t have any kids to save, just herself and she was young. Well she drowned. Just up and died.

Soon after we moved to Florida. Water everywhere.

I started having these nightmares when I’d go on the bridges that someone would hit us from behind and we’d go off the bridge and into the water.

What kills me is that I have four kids. How do I save all of them? Do I save the oldest three and let the youngest go? Do I shove the oldest two up and hope the can figure out how to swim to the surface while I try to save the youngest two? How would I be able to swim up with two little bodies clinging to me?

It got to the point that from these dreams I didn’t even like to go on the bridges.

However I must have been talking to my husband about these dreams and my oldest kid overheard and started getting nervous on the bridges. So I’ve had to suck it up for his sake and keep my mouth shut and go on bridges. But having those nightmares where I’m under water and trying to figure out how to get my kids out of the carseats. I wake up realizing I was not breathing, like I was really under the water.

5. pajama momma - February 24, 2008

And yes, you had me concerned you were injured in an accident too. I’m glad you weren’t.

6. Enas Yorl - February 24, 2008

My Mom doesn’t like bridges either. She hates going across the long ones. Part of it is the hight, but part of it is that there’s just something about bridges. Tunnels too.

7. kevlarchick - February 27, 2008

I dreamt Bigfoot lived in my backyard. I can still see him peeking in the kitchen window.

8. PattyAnn - February 29, 2008

You had me going, too, Enas. Bad Enas!

PJM, that would have to be the worst nightmare ever.

9. Mrs. Peel - March 1, 2008

Enas, I read your post yesterday and it freaked me out. Good writing.

KC, that was probably Michael.

I have nightmares all the time. I can’t think of a particularly nasty one at the moment, but often, the events in the nightmare are actually fairly ordinary. The trouble is that I feel all the anxiety and fear and general “upsetness” as strongly in my dream as I would if awake, and I still feel the physiological effects of that anxiety when I wake up.

So, yeah, Benadryl is your friend.

10. Steamboat McGoo - March 1, 2008

I had one of those famous “I started smoking again” dreams yesterday. I was soooo disgusted with myself. It stayed with me all day. The horror…

11. mesablue - March 3, 2008

I dream that hot chicks pay me to have sex with them.


Oh right, nightmares.

12. mesablue - March 3, 2008

Ok, this one is weird. I’ve never been able to figure out what it means.

Anyway, about twenty years ago I got my private pilots license. But, I’ve only flown a few times in the last decade.

A repeating dream that I have had about three or four times a year is that I will sneak into a small airport at night and steal (or just take) a small plane. I’ll taxi out in the dark and take off without contacting the tower and then just start flying around. Having a great time. After a while I start worrying that someone must have noticed that a plane just happened to take off and fly all over the airspace without any radio contact. I keep flying around while trying to figure out how I’m going to land without getting in big trouble. This goes on for a while and then the dream ends or I wake up.

I never land the damn plane — either getting away with it or getting caught.


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