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1911 Search Continues February 7, 2008

Posted by Mitchell in Home.

Well Hell’s bells – I decided that if I’m going to actually consider a gun that costs something in the vicinity of $1k I ought to take another look at Kimber.  And whadaya know – they have something pretty too:Stainless Target II

This here is the Stainless Target II.  They offer versions of this model in the .45 ACP, .38 Super, 9 mm, 10 mm, and another .38 Super in polished stainless in prices ranging from $1,025 – $1,155. 

Hmmmmmmmm.  Nobody had any insights about Para Ordnance – what about Kimber?  They seem to have a very good reputation on the interwebberytubes, but I’ve also seen some complaints about finickiness.  What say you?


1. Steamboat McGoo - February 8, 2008

I waited to see if someone might factually comment on the Kimbers.

Enas – all I have is impressions. My past “impression” is that they are quite well made and perhaps a tiny bit pricey – but are apparently worth it if you want the (arguable) best and have the Coin.

I could be way off, though. Like I said – impressions. I have never fired one.

But they better operate as smoothly as a Sig Sauer or a H&K. People don’t spend a Bone or more for mass-produced junk.

2. Lemur King - February 10, 2008

Hi Enas –

Can’t add anything, sorry. Been looking at handguns myself and I’m having to decide what is the proper balance of price/quality… so sorry, but “bang for the buck”… can’t resist.

I’ve been looking specifically at the .40 S&W calibers – Springfield XD, Sig P229, and the MRI Baby Eagle. My main goal is to find something that you can carry (Legal Disclaimer: “With Proper CCW Permit”)

The Kimbers generally do well in the reviews I’ve read and that is a nice looking piece. Invariably, the best reliability goes to the .45 ACP. Strange, but I could only find reviews on the 10mm but then they said it was phasing out the 10mm. Not sure *what* to think there.

Good luck!


3. Steamboat McGoo - February 10, 2008

LK – I just bought a Sig 226 in .40S&W a while back. They’re nice and shoot very smoothly.

The nice thing about it is you can buy and use two other barrels (.357 Sig and 9mm) in it with no pistol mods. Just swap ’em out. Need another clip for 9mm though. I’ve been wanting to mess with .357 Sig.

Haven’t messed with reloading for it, or putting adj sights on yet. This Spring or Summer, I hope.

4. Lemur King - February 10, 2008

I love the .357 mag but the Sig uses a different round, so it’s a “would love to try it” vs. “it wouldn’t be the same”. But that’s real interesting, I didn’t know you could change out the barrels. That sounds almost too good to be true. Just posted on my blog a gorgeous pic of the XD today…

Seems to me, Enas, that your problem is going to be the “THERES TOO MANY CHOICES I WANT THEM ALL (sort of)” problem I have.


5. Steamboat McGoo - February 10, 2008

I have to admit that one reason I want to try the .357SIG is because of the shouldered round. I own a CZ-52 which fires a 7.62×25 shouldered pistol round. It’s neat! It has a rolling-block receiver – the only one in a pistol ever made – I think.

It also tosses reload 32-cal bullets out of the barrel at over 1800 ft/sec. That’s ass-kicking.

The reload casings are cut-down and re-shouldered .223 casings.


6. Enas Yorl - February 11, 2008

Howdy Lemur King! Thanks for dropping by. Yah, lots of choices to be sure. To help narrow that down a bit, I’m gonna go down to the range and start firing some of these. I was going to do that last weekend but other things came up.

7. Lemur King - February 11, 2008

You have access to all of these? If you do, you are truly a blessed human being.

Please do report your findings/impressions!

– LK

8. Enas Yorl - February 11, 2008

Well, the gun range I frequent has a whole wall full of guns one can rent for 8 bucks. Sorry, I should have mentioned that. They may not have the exact models I’m interested in but maybe close enough for me to get a feel about how one manufacturer stacks up against another for a given style/caliber. I’ll see next weekend and issue a full report.

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