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iAm Ever So iPissed January 29, 2008

Posted by Mitchell in Strange & Unusual.

My very, very expensive iPod is iCrapping out on me.  Songs and album information are autodeleting themselves from the damn iThing.  iCan’t add new songs to the iPOS either.  It looks like iMight have to reformat the stupid thing and start all over. 


 Oh, and why am iNot showing up in the Recent Comments?  This is really iPissing iMe iOff.



1. Enas Yorl - January 29, 2008

iMaybe running into a computer problem here. iT seems that i’M nearly out of disk space. This laptop has an 80 gig drive and iOnly have 3.4 gigs left! iT’s been acting weird for a while too – maybe it’s time for a complete scrub and reinstall.

2. pajama momma - January 30, 2008

wordpress has been really, really strange lately. Everytime I leave a comment it says they’re doing routine maintenance. Well that’s an awful lot of maintenance

3. mesablue - January 30, 2008

Yeah, strange.

4. pajama momma - January 31, 2008

I agree mesa.

5. Enas Yorl - January 31, 2008

Well, I’m not having any problems anymore. With wordpress at any rate – iPod is still is iAnnoying.

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