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AWOL Flowers Update January 2, 2008

Posted by Mitchell in Art.

I got a message today from one of the folks at Federal Express – they found the package!  Alas, it “came open somehow” and the painting is gone. 😦  I guess I’ll be filing my claim for 50 bucks now. 



1. Steamboat McGoo - January 2, 2008

When – in the 14 billion-or-whatever year history of the universe – has a Fed X package ever simply “come open”?

Pork ’em, Enas. Pork ’em like the wind!

That was a nice piece of art. And now some butt-floss of a FedX employee has it. Its enough to make me barf.

2. Enas Yorl - January 2, 2008

I dunno McGoo. I had it taped up really well with good packing tape, so I doubt it did so of it’s own accord. It was an awkward sized package though and I did have some concerns about it getting bent. I suspected theft too – but why this one out of the hundreds of thousands of packages they handle in this region during this time of the year? I really think that it got caught in some part of the automated sorting and direction process and got ripped up or cram/wedged into some conveyor belt’s nook. We’ll never know.

3. geoff - January 2, 2008

Still haven’t received my UPS package. Started a tracer from the shipper today – hopefully some good will come of it.

First time I’ve had this problem. At least mine is easily replaced, and worth only about $35, so I’m covered. Sorry to hear that your package ended up hollow.

4. Steamboat McGoo - January 2, 2008

I hear ya, Enas. But whatever happened – it didn’t just “come open”.

I always suspect theft in these instances automatically.

Unfair of me.

5. bmac - January 3, 2008

Go for 100 Enas, they’ll gladly pay it. When it’s clearly their fault, they’re more likely to pay more.
You’re right about the machinery, these packages go onto a conveyor belt and are shoved around by mechanical arms, and big or oddly shaped packages get hammered.
As far as theft goes, these guys don’t have time to randomly open packages and hope they get a good one, but if something falls out….

6. geoff - January 7, 2008

Mine was apparently lost forever, and the company that sold it to me is out of stock forever. So I got a refund (? I figured UPS would refund it, but Amazon did instead. Does that mean the seller was at fault after all, or did they just collect from UPS and pass it along to me?).

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