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Where Have My Flowers Gone? December 27, 2007

Posted by Mitchell in Art, Politics.

One flower, two flower Remember this one?

My sister in Indiana told me she really, really liked this painting when I sent her a picture of it  awhile back, so I packed it up with a nice, stiff piece of clayboard the same size in heavy cardboard and sent it off to her on the 18th via FedEx Ground.  She didn’t know it was coming and I thought it would be a nice Christmas surprise.  Alas, by Christmas it still hadn’t arrived.  I had a Han Solo level of “a bad feeling about this” and checked the tracking number on their website yesterday.  It arrived in their distribution hub in Phoenix on the 19th, and it never left.  I called up their customer services department and negotiated my way through the menu maze to a human.  He looked up my tracking number and informed me that my package to Indiana arrived in their distribution hub in Phoenix on the 19th and that he had no further information on it sorry.  He then got all my information – name, address, et cetera and told me that he would get “the Tracking Team” to look into the whereabouts of my package and that they would call me within 24 hours.  The Tracking Team called me a little while ago – they have no idea where it’s at.  I gave the lady a more detailed description of the package contents and she said they would call me again sometime next week and apologized for losing my painting.  I have little hope that they will find it now. 

FedEx ate my flowers 😦  I guess I won’t be using them again anytime soon.

I’ll have to get in touch with the instructor and have him e-mail me a copy of the flower photo and repaint them.


1. geoff - December 27, 2007

Ordered a watch for my wife for Xmas on the 10th. It shipped on the 11th and arrived at the local UPS hub on the 13th, where it still sits. Supposedly they’ll deliver it on the 28th.


2. Steamboat McGoo - December 27, 2007

Enas – that seriously sucks. Here’s hoping that it turns up. Have some faith…

3. bmac - December 28, 2007

Why didn’t you come to me Enas? Shipping is my business, I woulda hooked you up!
At the very least you can get your shipping charges refunded, and they probably will find it, just might take awhile.
I’ve shipped somewhere in the neighborhood of 8000 packages over the last 3 years with Fedex and UPS, and they’ve never lost a package. Damaged a few, but never completely lost one. Usually it turns up in about 1 week -1month.
Also very important: It will be returned to the place you shipped it from, not to you directly, assuming you went to some kind of shipping place.
Also for future reference, Fedex and UPS will not insure artwork for loss or damage.

4. Enas Yorl - December 28, 2007

Sorry dude! I was in a hurry and the place I sent it from is literally a couple stone throws away from my house.

It’s good to hear that they do find them. That gives me some hope. But why would they return it? I don’t want it back – I want it to go to where I sent it!

I didn’t have a value delcared on the thing because it’s not something I can run out and buy. Still, the gal I spoke to the other day asked me if I had to put a value on it what would it be and I said 50 bucks. That should cover the cost of materials and my time having to deal with this snafu.

5. bmac - December 28, 2007

Sorry, I meant to say if they can’t deliver it, they’ll return it to the shipper, but they’ll try to deliver it first.
Usually they’ll pay out 50-100 bucks without much question, and the first hundred of coverage is free. It’s when you get to anything over 100 that they start denying claims.
The biggest cause for lost packages is when people wrap them in kraft paper. Once the paper rips, your label is gone. Otherwise, in my experience, it’ll show up.
Also, after Dec.11th, Fedex and UPS don’t guarantee ground shipments (usually 5 days), so they may be taking their time.
Good luck! Next time come by my place!

6. geoff - December 28, 2007

Supposedly they’ll deliver it on the 28th.

…and that didn’t happen. Turns out I placed the order on the 6th, so I was reasonably ahead of the Xmas rush.

7. kevlarchick - December 31, 2007

Those bastids at Fed Ex ruint Christmas!

8. lauraw - January 19, 2008

It might turn up. I’ve had that happen before. Occasionally with FedEx and UPS, but mostly with DHL, whose tracking system is often hinky. Stuff shakes out of the system later on down the line.

However: FedEx Ground is not FedEx.

FedEx, the Express service, is top shelf. FedEx Ground is the old RPS, a freight company that FedEx bought, and simply repainted the trucks with their trademark letters.

FedEx Ground (RPS) SUCKS. Their claims process is so fucking retarded it is breathtaking. Their customer service employees train from the Asshole Handbook. They’ve damaged objects so durable that it’s almost impossible to conceive the demolition-derby-like conditions that must exist within their facilities.

I’ve taken FedEx Ground off the residential service display on my retail point-of-sale program. As far as my customers know, there is no such thing.

9. Enas Yorl - January 19, 2008

Thanks for the visit lauraw! And the tip about FedEx Ground. It’s not going to show up though – they found the packaging, but no package inside.

10. Bobby Mann - March 6, 2008

As a Fedex Ground Service Manager, I can tell you that if you havent received your package yet, it is probably because the label got torn off, or the painting fell out of the box and got separated. If the latter is true, your painting would have been held in Pheonix for a few days, then sent to Salt Lake City where everything goes when no one can find where it goes. I am very sorry that this happened. I will say, however, that Fedex Ground has a higher on-time service rating than UPS, DHL, or the USPS, and the notion that FXG is still RPS with re-painted trucks is silly. It is fully a part of Fedex Corp, and our sorting, tracking, and delivery technology leads the industry.

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