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Christmas Frog December 26, 2007

Posted by Mitchell in Art.

Christmas was very nice this year, not the least because I didn’t have to travel anywhere.  My parents gave me a lot of nice presents as they always do – and this time for the Big Present they gave me a $500 gift certificate for a fine art gallery in the Forum Shops at Ceasar’s Palace.  I headed down there today pretty much knowing what I was going to get, as I’d seen pictures of this item sent to me by sales rep a few months ago.  I looked around to see if there was anything else I might like better, but I knew months ago that I would eventually own this guy – Ace.  The Ace o’ Frogs

I shitteth thee not.  The artist actually titled this piece “Ace”.  More views below.  As always clicky the pics for full sized images.

Meet Ace

Full Stretch

Dig the wonderful color and shimmer on the patina!  This is one of the newer silver nitrate patinas Tim Cotterill is using these days.  One more picture of the frog in hand to get an idea of the size.

Frog in Hand

These frogs aren’t cheap, but they are beautiful!

So, how was your Christmas?


1. Steamboat McGoo - December 26, 2007

Now that’s a frog!

Enas – I was just today going to chastise you for going all non-art on us recently. Y’know…guns, and food and such.

You mentioned these frogs many moons ago and said that it was your destiny to own one. Congrats!

(BTW: I copied your snow. If I knew how to change the background color to “just a smidgen off-white” – I would.)

2. Enas Yorl - December 26, 2007

Own one? Oh no McGoo – Ace here is my eighth Tim Cotterill frog! I also have one salamander by him too.

And yes, I’ve been art slacking. I haven’t touched any watercolor stuff since the class ended. I still have one unfinished too. I stored the picture we were working from on this computer so there’s really no reason not to finish it.

You didn’t copy my snow – it’s an “Extra” in the Presentation options I think. It will turn itself off after January 2nd the thing said.

3. Uncle Badger - December 26, 2007

That’s a really nice, frog, Enas – congratulations!

4. Steamboat McGoo - December 26, 2007

What do you….do….with the….frogs….um….Enas?

Yeah – I used the extra thingy. But I felt bad that I only did it ’cause it looked neat over here.

But…I must say…Sweetness & Light has way better snow.


5. Enas Yorl - December 26, 2007

Thankee Uncle B!

I have most of my frogs on display on a couple shelves built into the staircase in my house designed specifically for such knicknackery. The stairwell is really well lit and they look nice there. I have another on my coffee table. My display is getting kinda cluttery though so I’m going clean it up and reorganize. I’ll post a picture up tomorrow. I think Ace is going to be the new star of the coffee table venue though.

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