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My PRECIOUSSSSSS! November 27, 2007

Posted by Mitchell in Guns.

I have it!  IT’S HERE! 

Do ya feel lucky?

We have a 72 hour waiting period on handgun purchases here in Nevada, so tonight is the first night I have it home.  I can’t stop looking at it an holding it.   And opening the barrel and closing it.  Cocking it and de-cocking.  I bought ammo and a gun cleaning kit too.  Since I haven’t actually fired it yet I figure cleaning it is a bit much.  It really is a beautiful piece of machinery.  And for the record I’ve only done one Dirty Harry, and two Al Pacino impersonations so far.  Oh, and one “Hasta la vista – Kitty!”  What?  The cat was sporting an attitude.  Anyway, Castle Yorl’s defences are now significantly bolstered.

I must say I was a bit surprised at the expense of the ammunition though.  It was $24 for 20 rounds of the .357 and even a buck more for the .38 SPL +P!  At least for the same brand.  I complained a bit about that and he picked out another brand that was $22 for a box.  They’re both hollow-point rounds so I guess these things would mess somebody up pretty bad.  Still, I need to find some cheaper stuff to fire at the range.  The guy at the store said that the price for this stuff was going up nearly every day.  Anyone have any suggestions?  I’m gonna surf around and see what sort of bulk deals I can get.


1. S. Weasel - November 28, 2007

Reloads are good enough for the range, I think. I bought a thousand rounds of wadcutters for…okay, I don’t remember how much. It’s in my trunk. You could have it if you didn’t live so far away…

2. Steamboat McGoo - November 28, 2007

Those prices are double or triple what you should be paying, Enas.

These are more in line with the market:


3. Steamboat McGoo - November 28, 2007

Notice that the prices are for 50 count – not 20.

I don’t know what the laws and commercial “customs” are in your neck of the world, but you might try WalMart. Here in MO they sell most common calibers. Gun shows are typically the “bottom line” on prices.

Naturally I would recommend reloading if you want a fun, new, and useful hobby.

4. Pupster - November 28, 2007

Congratulations on your firearm purchase Enas!

She’s a beaut.

5. Steamboat McGoo - November 28, 2007

The guy at the store said that the price for this stuff was going up nearly every day.

Yeah – a little bit – maybe. Check his nose length next time you do business with him, though. He just may be Pinocchio.

6. Steamboat McGoo - November 28, 2007


7. Enas Yorl - November 28, 2007

Yah, I realized pretty quickly last night I got kinda hosed on those rounds. Oh well – live and learn. I’ll drop by wallymart this weekend and see what they’ve got. At the Gun Store’s range they’ll only let you shoot special lead-free frangible rounds. There’s another range across town I think that will let you shoot a bazooka if you want. Oh, yeah – this is a much nicer range. Better fees too. Well I know where I’ll be this weekend after wallymart!

8. Muslihoon - November 28, 2007

I’m going to have to pick your mind on this guns issue. I’m looking forward to getting a gun, a gun for pleasure and protection.

I’m just worried that with an obviously non-American name, I might be put on some watchlist. Am I paranoid?

I’ll have to move out first. Mom refuses to let guns in the home. Or any weapon. A temptation to violence, she says.

However, there has been a rash of breaks-in (break-ins?) in our neighborhood lately. Who knows. Maybe I’ll get one and not tell her. Frankly, to her a Book of Mormon would be far more offensive than a gun could ever be.

9. Mr Minority - November 28, 2007

As a fellow .357 owner, if I may make some suggestions:

To keep the cost down for plinking do as S. Weasel said pick up some cheap reloads and shoot the hell out of them.

Start off with just regular .38 specials (not the +Ps),qnd if you want shoot up some .357s.

If you are going be shooting just lead bullets, proir to finishing, shoot off a few copper jacketed bullets so as to clean some of the lead out of the barrel.

I have to say that is a mighty fine looking gun. Stainless Steel, full underlug, rubber grips (are those Pachmar grips?) red inlayed front sight. It looks exactly like mine (except I have a 6″ barrel)!!!

Have fun and remember – Safety First

10. Enas Yorl - November 28, 2007

Muslihoon, I wouldn’t worry about any “watchlist”. As long as you have a clean record I’m sure everything will be fine. As for your Mom, well it probably would be best to wait until you’ve got your own place. Apart from the whole “Honer thy Mother and Father” thing, it wouldn’t be worth the loss of trust and ill feelings if she ever found out about it. My two cents anyway.

Mr. Minority, excellent advice! Thanks. No they’re not Pachmayr (I had to google that), they’re whatever comes standard on this model for S & W. You’ve got some fine looking guns, sir! I’m glad to be “in the club” now so to speak 😉

11. Steamboat McGoo - November 28, 2007

Mr. Minority make it four! And mine looks just like his except I have the Pachmayr grips also, – like Enas. Mine isn’t as shiny as MM’s though.

Ya see, Enas, you done good! S&W makes very fine crunch-n’-tickers.

What MM said about cheap rounds and “clearing” the lead out with a beefy FMJ aor two after wadcutter target-shooting is true. It’ll save you a bit of scrubbing during the cleaning session.

Muslihoon – ditto Enas’ comments. If you have a clean police record, you’re good to go.

12. Steamboat McGoo - November 28, 2007

Make that “Pachmayr-style”.

13. Enas Yorl - November 28, 2007

Ah, here we go – they’re Hogue Monogrips. Very comfortable.

Oh, and the police record can even be a little dirty. Let’s say while one was young, dumb and poor one let a traffic ticket go into warrent rather than paying it and one got picked up by the police on a Friday afternoon just before a three-day weekend and one had to spend a couple days in the pokey before one could see the judge and arrange to pay off the rest of the fine wouldn’t be a deal breaker.


At least, so I would expect.

14. Mr Minority - November 29, 2007

Those Hogue grips are real good. Your hand won’t get real tired after 100 or so rounds.

You have a sweet little (make that BIG) shooter there, and I predict many, many hours of fun.

Watch out cans and paper, your days are numbered!

15. skinbad - November 30, 2007

.357 revolver is next on my list. That would double my collection. My dad has a very similar one. Fun to shoot–congrats.

16. daveintexas - November 30, 2007


17. Retired Geezer - November 30, 2007

Good choice, Enas.
Find the nearest IDPA match and go watch one. They are probably out at Desert Sportsman at the end of West Charleston.
You will learn some valuable stuff.
You’ll probably want to try it after watching it once.
I bet they have a match every month.

18. daveintexas - November 30, 2007

what make dude?

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