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Dragon Teeth! September 25, 2007

Posted by Mitchell in Science & Technology.

Yes, I suck much windage at this blog thing lately.  And yes, you can blame the Xbox.  Anyway, here’s something else to look at.  I bought a couple of things up in Virginia City during my visit.  Behold – a dragon tooth!

Dragon Tooth!

Clicky for full, glorious size.  Nice huh?  But wait, there’s more:

Big Dragon Tooth!

This sucker’s HUGE!  Almost twice as wide as the first one and one third again as long. Imagine facing a dragon with a mouthful of those eh? 

Actually, they came with a piece of paper claiming that they’re really prehistoric shark teeth and not dragon teeth at all – from the extinct Carcharodon Megalodon to be exact.  Pffft!  Come on – I know dragon teeth when I see ’em!  Plus these things are stone, not bone!  Sharks don’t have stone teeth!  Doi! Dragons do though because they need teeth that can withstand the high tempuratures of their flaming breath!  That’s why they are black.  Ever see a shark with black teeth?  No! 

Dumb “scientists”.  They make shit up when they come across something they don’t understand.  Sharks indeed.  *Snicker*



1. Steamboat McGoo - September 25, 2007

They can’t be shark teeth because they weren’t found in the water.

Hmmph! Besides, shark teeth don’t come with pieces of paper. They come with….the rest of the shark.

2. bmac - September 26, 2007

Make sure to use it for good, not evil. Except in traffic, then you can use it for evil. Or at the DMV.

3. kevlarchick - September 26, 2007

Enas, Halo3 much? My kid says he already beat it and it’s “sick beyond belief.” I don’t know if that’s good or bad, but he’s mighty impressed with himself.

4. Enas Yorl - September 26, 2007

Er, what? He’s already beat it? It’s only been out, what, a couple days right? Goodness. I guess I’m gonna have to pick it up – RG’s already got it too.

5. S. Weasel - September 27, 2007

See, that’s why I don’t play anything online any more: kids beating the pants off me. It was all materialize – die, materialize – die, materialize – die. It got boring real quick.

I did always make a point of playing as Auntie, though. That way if I lost, it was all, like, “good going, tough guy. You beat an old broad.” And if I won, it was even better.

6. Retired Geezer - October 7, 2007

Yeah, nobody wants to be beaten by a Retired Geezer.

Man that would suck.

Just sayin’.

7. Dragon Master - May 22, 2008

You moron, a Dragon would have long razer fangs like a saber. Another thing no creature could possibly have stone teeth (rock melts, tooth enamel doesn’t) and it’s a fossil that means it’s a stone in the shape of a bone not the bone it’s self. Take a science class and you might learn something. If you even took the time to look at a shark tooth you would realize what it is and be calling your self an idiot instead of me having to do it!

8. dragonmaster fan #1 - March 11, 2009

go go dragonmaster!

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