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Acepalooza II – The Vegas Assault? August 17, 2007

Posted by Mitchell in Destined for the Gulags, Home, Politics, Strange & Unusual.

Hola Netamigos!  It’s been a while since I rapped at ya.

This September some Ace-O’Spaders are going to meet up in Boston.  This October Mr. & Mrs. Retired Geezer are going to come down to their old stomping grounds here in Las Vegas.  There are already a few of us Ace-holes here in town and I thought it would be a nice opportunity for us to have a little get-together of our own.  Bmac has said he’s interested, Geoff said he might be able to make it too.  I hope to get Sobek and Lipstick Dynamite on board as well.  That’s potentially seven people right there, not counting spouses and/or life-partners, mistresses, etc.  I hope to get the word out (beyond this place certainly) and who knows how many people might show up at this thing?


1. bmac - August 17, 2007

Oh damn! It’s on now! West coast representin’. “A2V”

2. Enas Yorl - August 17, 2007

Unfortunately, RG is wobbly on the visit now :-(. He says he might have to forgo the trip to do his SprinklerDoc business blowing out irrigation systems in preparation for the winter. Well, we can plan for something in that time frame anyway and see if anyone else is interested. I’ve e-mailed to get the date he was originally thinking about coming down. I think it was the weekend of mid-October.

3. bmac - August 17, 2007

We can always keep a plan on tap. At least run it up the flagpole. If Ace does another open blog, maybe get it up there, see who bites.

4. bmac - August 18, 2007

Open blog at Ace’s, do you want to post about this?

5. Enas Yorl - August 18, 2007

I suppose we could, but I never got the date frame for RG’s potential visit though.

6. Enas Yorl - August 18, 2007

Well, it was mid-October anyway. Throw up a post and see if there’s any interest in general and we can nail down a specific date later if there is.

7. bmac - August 19, 2007

Unfortunatly, I left the URL and passcodes at work, and won’t be able to grab them before Monday.

8. geoff - August 22, 2007

So does RG have a date?

9. Enas Yorl - August 23, 2007

No, he didn’t answer my last e-mail. I’m starting to think he was / is less than keen on the idea.

10. Enas Yorl - August 23, 2007

Whup! The west-side Aceapalooza discussion heated up on Innocent Bystanders! RG re-expressed an interest and a slightly less-foggy possible time frame of “the end of October”. Whoot!

11. Retired Geezer - August 23, 2007

It’s not that I’m not keen on the idea, I would love to meet y’all but circumstances beyond my control might screw up my trip.

I really do want to come down for my 45th reunion, I’ve made every other one that we’ve had.

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