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This Is Gonna Cost Me… August 10, 2007

Posted by Mitchell in Science & Technology.

I’ve been checking out all the super-cool stuff over at ThinkGeek.  I’m going to get that LED faucet thingy for sure, but there’s SO much other stuff I want to buy there!  Over the next weekend we’re moving office locations to a new high rise downtown, and I get kicked out of an office back into the cube-farm.  Obviously I will need weapons to defend my vulnerable position.  The question is, should I go old-school with a catapult, or new-school with the USB rocket launcher?



1. bmac - August 14, 2007

Ola fellow Las Vegan! We need to organize an Ace-a-palooza here! (no smoking though).

2. Pupster - August 14, 2007

I’m thinking the USB laser guided missiles. Will you have proximity to a window?

3. Enas Yorl - August 14, 2007

bmac, the Retired Geezer & Geezerette are coming to town this October. Lipstick Dynomite & Sobek live here too. We should probably try to coordinate something while they’re here.

Pupster, yes I’ll be near one (not openable of course) what are you thinking? I’m actually leaning toward the catapult tho.

4. bmac - August 15, 2007

I’m down with that, or up for it! Keep me posted. I had no idea so many ‘Spaders lived here. I’m sorry I haven’t seen your blog before now. I get where your’e coming from, I’m a former musician, and a conservative, sometimes a tricky balancing act, many times I had to bite my lip. Anyway, putting you on my blogroll, and daily reading!

5. Pupster - August 15, 2007

I bought a couple of the Nerf blaster guns for *coff* the Pupster boys *coff*, and you can get a variety of darts with them, some ‘whistle’ like a movie bullet, others have velcro and stick to fabrics, but the best ones have suction cups on the end and stick to glass very well. I still have one stuck to a skylight from Christmas morning.

They look to be about the same size as the missiles in that missile launcher. Might take a bit of engineering tho.

6. geoff - August 17, 2007

I might be able to cruise out that way as well. Let me know how the plans unfold.

7. Enas Yorl - August 17, 2007

I’m terrible at keeping up with my own diggs sometimes. bmac, ditto! Pupster, I might have to look into that! Geoff, I’m confirming dates with RG now. We might be able to put together quite a shindig! There’s no telling how many Ace commenters / lurkers in this area or SoCal who would like to have an excuse to hit Vegas for a weekend :-). Hell, there might even be T-shirts! 😀

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