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What Are the Odds? August 9, 2007

Posted by Mitchell in Art, Politics.

I snapped a pic of this guy driving home from work the other day:


Yah, that’s a flaming peace sign on the right half of the front there.  Here’s a closer pic of the side:

I know this dude

I don’t know what the Castrol Motor Oil logo is supposed to signify.  And I can’t quite make out what is written on the side here.  The first three letters are MIN.  The last two or three are difficult to make out.  Is the next one an O? E? The rest of is is a complete mystery.  The fun part about this?  I know this guy.  Well, sort of – he was in the ceramics class I took two years ago!  I seem to recall that he was driving a VW mini-bus back then, but it wasn’t painted like this. 

Anyway – he was amazingly good throwing stuff on the wheel.  He could throw massive sized stuff very easily.  I was always jealous since I never could get anything very big on the wheel.

I hope he never gets into a serious front-side collision in this thing.  He will find out very quickly that vehicles that use the driver’s legs as the “crumple zone” suck very badly indeed.

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