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This Is No Way to Run a Railroad August 8, 2007

Posted by Mitchell in Art, Politics.

Or a school even.  I went down to the school to find out how I can get registered for the Life Drawing class and see about getting a transcript tranferred and whatnot.  According to the paperwork I picked up it takes 6 – 8 weeks to get one transferred and evaluated.  I was also told to call the Art department and see what they wanted me to do.  They told me to try and contact the instructor, but they also told me I wasn’t likely to be able to though since it’s still summer.  I was also told I could just show up on the first day of class with some samples maybe and an unofficial transcript.  The instructor may then allow me to register and attend the class.  This is a rather iffy process as far as I’m concerned.  Hmm.  There’s the ceramics and watercolor classes running this fall in the evening that I’ve taken before too.  I can audit one of those instead while I get the whole transcript thing out of the way and see what pops up this spring. 




1. retiredgeezer - August 8, 2007

When you audit a class, how much money does it cost?

2. Enas Yorl - August 8, 2007

Same amount, and they’ve raised their prices too. Oddly though, the Life Drawing class is one of the more expensive ones at $196. The other classes are 10 bucks cheaper. Well, sort of – the ceramics class has another $25 fee for clay on top of the class price, but that’s expected. I wonder if the difference is the instructor – the drawing class guy seems to be a full professor and the other classes are taught by adjunct instructors.

3. S. Weasel - August 9, 2007

They have to pay the nekkid people, too. They used to get a pretty high hourly rate.

Plus, judging from the ones I remember, they paid a bounty for operation scars and badly placed tattoos. <shudder>

4. Enas Yorl - August 9, 2007

Well, they dropped the other ceramics course, so its watercolor or cross my fingers and hope for a spot in the drawing class. I think I’m gonna audit the watercolor class. I bought some fancy brushes at the end of the class last summer and I’ve hardly used them. Plus it’s fun when I don’t have to worry about grades and can do what I want.

5. kevlarchick - August 10, 2007

Only a true artist audits a class. Go Enas.

6. Enas Yorl - August 10, 2007

Bah! The registration system is down for some reason. Oh well – I’ll sign up for it on Monday. Watercolors!

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