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You Know What I Hate? August 29, 2007

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When the inside of my nose smells really bad.  There’s just no escaping it.  Anybody know of anything like “nose-deodorant”?  “Nosepourri”?  Gah.

My iPod Has Betrayed Me August 23, 2007

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It deleted a bunch of my favorite songs off itself!  Not sure when, or how or why but I keep coming across albums with the best song(s) just gone :-(.  Grr.  Some of these I can put back on because I have the CD’s and others I can’t.  I had to buy Tubthumper from iTunes to replace it.  Oh, sure – all the rest of the crappy songs on that crappy album by those crappy, commie freaks are still there though. 

Shit.  I have over 2000 songs and stuff on this thing.  It’s gonna take forever to go through and figure out what’s gone.  Anybody else ever have this problem?

Sopranos August 19, 2007

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Old yes, but today was the first time I’d seen the whole clip and it’s been a while since I’ve laughed this hard:  Sopranos.  It’s at CollegeHumor.com so it might be blocked at work.

Acepalooza II – The Vegas Assault? August 17, 2007

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Hola Netamigos!  It’s been a while since I rapped at ya.

This September some Ace-O’Spaders are going to meet up in Boston.  This October Mr. & Mrs. Retired Geezer are going to come down to their old stomping grounds here in Las Vegas.  There are already a few of us Ace-holes here in town and I thought it would be a nice opportunity for us to have a little get-together of our own.  Bmac has said he’s interested, Geoff said he might be able to make it too.  I hope to get Sobek and Lipstick Dynamite on board as well.  That’s potentially seven people right there, not counting spouses and/or life-partners, mistresses, etc.  I hope to get the word out (beyond this place certainly) and who knows how many people might show up at this thing?

This is Funny August 15, 2007

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So I did the FrontSight links a while back and I did get the certificate for the four day gun training at their facility somewheres around here.  I looked through their promotional material and it looks like they have one hell of a facility.  Anyway, today in our weekly team meeting our new-ish team member said that he was taking some time off this winter to get some gun training.  I asked him where he was going and he said “FrontSight in Pahrump.”  I was floored.   I said that I had a certificate for that place and he said he got one too.  Obviously he has a blog or website as well.  We didn’t mention the blogs in the meeting but I’m sure it will come up again sometime. 

This Is Gonna Cost Me… August 10, 2007

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I’ve been checking out all the super-cool stuff over at ThinkGeek.  I’m going to get that LED faucet thingy for sure, but there’s SO much other stuff I want to buy there!  Over the next weekend we’re moving office locations to a new high rise downtown, and I get kicked out of an office back into the cube-farm.  Obviously I will need weapons to defend my vulnerable position.  The question is, should I go old-school with a catapult, or new-school with the USB rocket launcher?

What Are the Odds? August 9, 2007

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I snapped a pic of this guy driving home from work the other day:


Yah, that’s a flaming peace sign on the right half of the front there.  Here’s a closer pic of the side:

I know this dude

I don’t know what the Castrol Motor Oil logo is supposed to signify.  And I can’t quite make out what is written on the side here.  The first three letters are MIN.  The last two or three are difficult to make out.  Is the next one an O? E? The rest of is is a complete mystery.  The fun part about this?  I know this guy.  Well, sort of – he was in the ceramics class I took two years ago!  I seem to recall that he was driving a VW mini-bus back then, but it wasn’t painted like this. 

Anyway – he was amazingly good throwing stuff on the wheel.  He could throw massive sized stuff very easily.  I was always jealous since I never could get anything very big on the wheel.

I hope he never gets into a serious front-side collision in this thing.  He will find out very quickly that vehicles that use the driver’s legs as the “crumple zone” suck very badly indeed.

This Is No Way to Run a Railroad August 8, 2007

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Or a school even.  I went down to the school to find out how I can get registered for the Life Drawing class and see about getting a transcript tranferred and whatnot.  According to the paperwork I picked up it takes 6 – 8 weeks to get one transferred and evaluated.  I was also told to call the Art department and see what they wanted me to do.  They told me to try and contact the instructor, but they also told me I wasn’t likely to be able to though since it’s still summer.  I was also told I could just show up on the first day of class with some samples maybe and an unofficial transcript.  The instructor may then allow me to register and attend the class.  This is a rather iffy process as far as I’m concerned.  Hmm.  There’s the ceramics and watercolor classes running this fall in the evening that I’ve taken before too.  I can audit one of those instead while I get the whole transcript thing out of the way and see what pops up this spring. 


They’re Here! August 8, 2007

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I got them in the mail yesterday.  Check it out – genuine Weasel memorabilia:

Matchstick Box

Matchstick Cross

The cross is a little battered, but fix uppable.  And check out what was on the box – original Weasel art!

Weasel Art

Cool stuff.  Thanks Mr. Weasel!

Evil Pork & Beans August 3, 2007

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Pure, concentrated evil in a can. 

Eat Pork & Beans, Be Evil

“After I finish this I’m gonna dig your eyes out with my spoon.”