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More Class Pictures July 6, 2007

Posted by Mitchell in Art.

The wire shoe project was our second one and I did it a few weeks ago.  Our third project was carving plaster, but I don’t have pictures of the finished piece so I’ll go on to the fourth:  making something out of a book.  We had to select a book (preferably hard-bound) that we would take apart and use it’s materials to construct a sculpture that related to the subject matter of the book.  Originally, I had intended to use an old Time-Life series book on Mathematics and I spent a lot of time thinking about it.  Ultimately, no ideas came forth so I went with “Huckleberry Finn”. 

Huck ‘n Jim’s Raft

This is, of course, Huck and Jim’s raft.  It has the canoe that Huck used for recon missions trailing behind.  The stuff surrounding it are the waves in the river.  Everything was made out of the pages and cover of the book hot-glued together.

Here’s a shot from the back:

Raft Back

I was expecting a B to a B- grade, but he gave me an A-.  Hokay.  If I’d gone with “Huckleberry Finn” to start with, I would have made an ol’ Mississippi steamboat instead, but I just didn’t have enough time.  That would have been nice.

Next project – hot ‘n heavy metal.


1. Mr Minority - July 9, 2007

Great job! It appears that you are really getting into this sculpture thing.

When are you going to do something in wax? DinT has a whole bunch left over from his hands.

2. Enas Yorl - July 10, 2007

Thanks! This one really wasn’t one of my better efforts though – I threw it together at the last class before it was due. I’ll probably just throw it away.

Wax sculpting – well, if I want to get into doing multiple castings it’s certainly an option. Some while back I had the idea of doing paper castings in plaster moulds that I could then paint and seal. This would give me very light, but strong forms that I could further cut and manipulate. I had originally thought to do them in oil based clays, but wax is definitely an alternative to look into though. Good idea – thanks! Parrafin is too soft though, and I wouldn’t want cut into Dave’s supply.

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