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Product Endorsement June 18, 2007

Posted by Mitchell in Art.

I just tried StarKist “Gourmet Choice” Yellowfin Marinated Tuna Fillet – Roasted Garlic in Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  Verdict:  it’s delicious.  

Normally, I only buy solid, white albacore tuna preferably packed in oil.  The “packed in oil” stuff is getting harder to find these days, though.  The chunk light stuff = cat food, IMHO.  I came across this new variety just yesterday and had to try it.  I was a little suspicious of the product right after I opened the can and tried to drain it – nothing came out!  Highly unusual.  My hopes sank after I fully opened it and looked inside.  GAH!  CHUNK LIGHT!  I’d brought a backup can of SWA in water just in case, and I thought I’d be opening it up.  Still, I tasted it anyway, and was pleasently surprised.  It did not have the really fishy taste typical of the CL variety.  It has a nice flavor with a hint of roasted garlic – not really heavy and the olive oil is nice and light, giving the fish a nice moistness to it without making it feel slimey or greasy.  I had it on sourdough bread with mayo, lettuce tomato and onions.  Hmm – tuna, garlic and onions.  I Hhhhhhhhope the people at work won’t hhhhhhhhhhhhave a prohhhhhhhhhhblem with thhhhhhhhhhat!

In related news there’s no touching at Kilmer Middle School for the students there.  I feel sorry for kids growing up today, the insanity in gubmint schools is reaching, well, insane levels.  I have an image in my head of everybody holding their fingers a couple millimeters away from everyone else and everyone saying “I’m not touching you!  You can’t get mad, ’cause I’m not touching you!”



1. geoff - June 18, 2007

These sorts of rules represent a complete abdication of managerial responsibility by the school’s administration. The point of having a qualified staff is to handle grey areas – if we’re going to have these black-and-white no-exception rules (as we’ve seen in the cases of drugs (aspirin, prescription drugs) and weapons (table knives and squirt guns)), we don’t need to pay a principal $100/yr to manage the school. He can be replaced by a subroutine.

2. S. Weasel - June 19, 2007

Zero tolerance policies mean they don’t have to think and make judgment calls. It’s going to be awfully hard to get kids to take it seriously, though.

I’ll keep an eyeball out for that tuna. I eat a bunch of the stuff.

3. geoff - June 19, 2007

we don’t need to pay a principal $100/yr

That should be $100K/yr.

4. kevlarchick - June 26, 2007

yep. Zero tolerance is for administrative cowards who don’t like to consider things like FACTS.

And hence, I shall not grocery shop without first consulting Enas.

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