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Frogman May 26, 2007

Posted by Mitchell in Art.

Frogman Tim Cotterill was in town today so the Paternal Units and I went down to the gallery and saw him today.  The Units’ had recently purchased about $3000 worth of frogs recently and Mr. Cotterill personally dedicated them today.  He has come out with some new stuff and more is on the way. 

This one is definitely new:

Big Froggy

This sucker’s 12 feet tall and costs many thousand’s of dollars.  I forgot to take a look at the price tag, but I think my Dad said it was something north of $100,000. 

Here’s the man himself:

Tim Cotterill

He was a very nice guy, and he seemed to take a genuine interest in everyone he talked to. 

I didn’t expect to spend $300 today, but impulse buys are so hard to resist.  How about this little gem:


He’s mostly known for his frogs, but he does salamanders and koi fish too.  Tim has a Dremel tool at his little table up there and he scribed “Enjoy” on the bottom of it.  Thank you sir!  I shall indeed.  I now have seven of this guy’s sculptures.  The Parental Units now have 22. 

If you’re ever in Las Vegas, you should go visit Galleria Di Sorentino in the Forum Shops at Ceasar’s Palace.  To truly appreciate these things you have to see them in person, and it’s a really nice gallery besides.  It’s in the commercial galleries today where you can find really good artwork today, not the crap they’re collecting in the modern art museums.


1. kevlarchick - May 27, 2007

That green suit is damn hot. I bet he’s a hoot.

That field of lavender behind him is stunning–didn’t you do a copy of that?

Next time I’m in Vegas, you’re taking me there, Enas.

2. geoff - May 28, 2007

Never heard of this guy, but his work looks very interesting.

O/T: Got the math book – thanks!

3. Enas Yorl - May 28, 2007

Yah, you seldom hear about successful artists who do stuff without needing govt. grants or being super “controversial”. I’ll add a link so you can see more of his stuff.

Good news about the book! I just deposited your check today too. 🙂

4. S. Weasel - May 29, 2007

Somehow, I think I like the little ones better. I always was one for miniatures, though.

5. kevlarchick - May 30, 2007

Where’s my comment from last week?! I did say that I love that cat’s green suit. That is the shiznit. What a hoot.

6. Enas Yorl - May 30, 2007

There ya go KC, I unspammed you. You’re probably remembering my final project from last year’s watercolor class – the wheatfield.

Sure, we can go there the next time you’re here. Then we can wander down to the Peter Max gallery and laugh at his stuff.

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