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G30ff 1s teh R0x0r!! May 16, 2007

Posted by Mitchell in Art, Destined for the Gulags.

Geoff sent the check for the mathbook and packed a little something extra!

  Great Drawings

It’s a cool, little book titled “Great Drawings” and it has examples of, well, great drawings from the Old Masters to some of the early Impressionists.  

 Nekkid People

You know what the coolest thing is about being an artist?  You get to sit around and draw pictures of nekkid people (in public even!) and most people don’t think your some dirty perv.*

M & A

Check out a couple from those dudes Michael and Angelo.  Sw337!

Thank you sir!  I shall get the mathbook off to you tomorrow.

*Some people do think that, but they can’t say anything ’cause then they would be scorned by the general public for being “prudes” or worse – “dumb hicks who don’t know Art”.  This is Art dammit!  Not some sleazy porn!**

**The irony is that they are absolutely correct.  We are all dirty pervs.  Every single last pencil-pushing, brush-licking one of us.  Dirty pervs through and through.  I’m not sure how that respectiblity thing got pulled off, but off it was pulled.


1. geoff - May 17, 2007

Glad it got there OK, and glad to find a good home for the book.

2. Anchovy Ennui - May 17, 2007

No Enas – IMHO – the coolest thing about being a artist is that one is ABLE to draw nekkid people. I can’t draw a straight line. (sniffle)

But that is a neato book!

3. Enas Yorl - May 17, 2007

Artists rarely use straight lines and we haul out the straight-edge when we do, so that’s no big thing. We mostly use curvy lines and anyone can do that! Seriously, most everyone can draw the letters of the alphabet. I started out doing this stuff with caligraphy. A pen, some nibs, a bottle of ink, some paper, and a basic caligraphy book can get you started on learning basic line control, spacing and patience. Simple instructions on basic line strokes from your book and a little practice yield very quick improvements in quality of control and confidence in your abilities, which in turn lead to trying more advanced calligraphy styles. All this for an investment of $25 or less and some time and it teaches you about The Line.

This is where all great art starts – learning The Line. Quoting here from Great Drawings: “…Vasari had said in the sixteenth century:- ‘drawing…is the necessary beginning [in art], and not having it, one has nothing.'” Art starts with drawing and learning how to See. Drawing starts with The Line and it teaches you how to See.

4. S. Weasel - May 19, 2007

My art school experience leads me to believe professional nude models are some of the most hideous people on the planet..What instinct drives the seriously deformed to take off their clothing for hours at a time in a room full of terrified 18 year olds, I do not know.

5. Pupster - May 19, 2007

Welp, that little fantasy is blown all to hell.

6. Enas Yorl - May 19, 2007

I’ve never had a live, nude model so I wouldn’t know. In my Drawing 101 class we did have a female model who wore a leotard. She was smokin’ hot too. I loved drawing her butt. Many of the poses she took had her backside to my usual place in the class, so I got to study it quite well.

7. Wickedpinto - May 23, 2007

Being dirty perv’s is a survival trait.

Fewer dirt perv’s, fewer baby’s.

It’s a virtue, not a vice.

8. Davon - February 13, 2008

ive seen this book, it is very nice i wanted it for myself but thought some othjer student might happen upon it and find joy in it as well, unlikely, but oh well

9. Joe - August 2, 2008

But all their nekked people drawings are on the fugly side…

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