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How About Art Nouveau? May 4, 2007

Posted by Mitchell in Art, Destined for the Gulags.

The other night I started thinking about the next art project for Elzbth’s Whim Award.  I had strongly hinted that I could use some sort of direction for it in the announcement post, but Elzbth happily waved any direction away.  So now I have to start from a blank state.  Erk.  It’s one thing to pick up a ball and run with it, it’s something else to kill the pig, skin it, tan the hide, use the hide to form a ball, inflate the ball, and then place it so you can then pick it up and run with it.  Ah, well.

But then, sometimes you just happen to come across a ball.  Whilst idly pondering one neuron happened to bump another and a small spark popped – how about Art Nouveau?  I perked.  How indeed?  I’ve liked and admired Art Nouveau period stuff for a long time.  I’ve wanted to do a piece in that kind of style for some time too and this would be an excellent opportunity to try my hand at it.  Ah, but I would have to explain and show what Art Nouveau is, and what I like about it.  The Interwebberytubes of course provides all. 

Hmm.  After searching around a bit I find that I don’t actually care that much for a lot of Art Nouveau and many of its most prominent practitioners.  Check out the Artchive for a quick rundown of Art Nouveau and it’s selection of top artists.  Of all the artists featured there Alphonse Mucha is the only one who did work I consider typical of my ideal of “Art Nouveau”.  Here is one of my favorite ones:  SummerDance is another real popular one too.  Probably his most famous work is this one:  JOB.  Mucha’s style of Art Nouveau had a bit of a revival in the pop art scene of the ’60s.  Guess why?  Anyway, you get the feel of AN that I like and want to put into this piece:  the stylization of the human form, the emphasis on the ornamentation and decorative aspects of the composition, and the free-flowing lines that are one of the more distinctive characteristics of Art Nouveau.

So, I have at least a starting point.  Then, yesterday morning I had another thought out of the blue that would work quite well with the style I’m contemplating – Elzbth is, of course, the Queen of her blog.  She uses a crown as her WordPress avatar.  So, why not an Art Nouveau stylized Queen of Hearts (or other suit) playing card for her? 

Eh?  So what do y’all think?  Elzbth?



1. Elzbth - May 5, 2007

Extremely creative and interesting work of art that revolves around me! That sounds great!
I knew it would be a good thing if I never noticed your subtle hint that dominated most of a paragraph and involved lengthy sentences utilizing him/hers and other such devices. Nebulouositness duly noted.

2. S. Weasel - May 5, 2007

Mucha is one of my favorites, even though his name is pronounced “moo-ha” which makes me snort with laughter. For some reason. He could draw purdy, though.

There was somebody at work named Mucha. I asked if he was any kin, but I don’t remember what the answer was. I know Bob Guevara didn’t sound pleased to be asked…

3. Enas Yorl - May 5, 2007

Ok, Elzbth – it sounds like you’re on board with the project. Do you have any preference for the suit? I mentioned Hearts, but you can pick on of the others if you like. Also, I’m considering working your name in too. Would you like it as “Elzbth” or do you want me through in the missing e’s at no extra cost?

“Moo-ha” I did not know that! Sounds like a ticklish cow. Learn something new every day.

4. Elzbth - May 6, 2007

I want to apply zero pressure. You are the artist.
If you decide to work my name in, you can include the vowels. That would be nice. 🙂

5. Enas Yorl - May 6, 2007

Alrighty then – one Queen of Hearts, with all the ees to please, coming up!

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