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Attn Elzbth! April 30, 2007

Posted by Mitchell in Art, Destined for the Gulags, Politics.

You have been selected as the next recipient of The Center of the Anomaly’s Annual Whim Award!  Congratulations!

At some nebulous point in the future you will receive an original, hand-crafted piece of Art by me.  The type and content of said “Art” is also nebulous.  The Designated Recipient (Elzbth) can, if she/he/it wants to, can reduce the nebulouositiness of both the future construction and delivery timeliness, as well as the type and content considerably if the Designated Recipient chooses to provide some sort of general advise as to the Designated Recipient’s interests and desires regarding the Award.

Or you can opt for the maximum nebulosity of the “Whatever I Decide” version.  It’s your choice. 

Thanks for your loyal patronage, Elzbth!

Enas Yorl



1. Elzbth - April 30, 2007

I am delightified by your generosity. I think I will opt for the excitefulness and mysteriosity of the “Whatever I Decide” version.

How do you pronounce nebulouositiness?

2. Enas Yorl - May 1, 2007

Very well Elzbth, you’ll get some sort of something sometime. It’s pronounced neb’-you-low-OS’-eh-tea-ness.

3. kevlarchick - May 1, 2007

*squeal!* Go Lz! You will be thrillified!

My Enas skull sits sentinel on my desk. I love him.

4. S. Weasel - May 2, 2007

You’ve got his skull, KC? Well! That explains the self portrait…

5. Enas Yorl - May 2, 2007

KC is referring to the ceramic Sleestak Skull I sent her a while ago Mr. Weasel.

6. S. Weasel - May 4, 2007

Oh, very nice. I like the crazed glazing.

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