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You Can’t Say That I Have No Class April 20, 2007

Posted by Mitchell in Art.

Because I signed up for one!  No, not ceramics this time around, nor a repeat of watercolors (which I considered auditing).  For this summer it’s Sculpture 1:  “An introduction to the techniques and concepts in contemporary sculpture which will include casting, carving & constructing.” 

This is good!  I wanted to do more sculptural pieces in the ceramics class, but now I’ll be doing them in different materials than those I’ve worked with before.  I wonder what we’ll be carving into?  I hope it’s something really cool like elephant ivory.  You just don’t see as much of that stuff around as you used to.  I wonder why?  I would also like to work with soapstone or alabaster.  Well, we’ll see.



1. S. Weasel - April 21, 2007

I can do additive processes (molding) but not subtractive ones (carving). My soapstone project cracked in half the night before the critique and I had to stay up all night trying to make something else out of it…

2. harrison - April 21, 2007

I made an ashtray once…

3. Elzbth - April 22, 2007

Once, when I was a Brownie, I knitted a hot pad for my mother. It had many, many holes caused by dropped stitches, but my mother kept it in the kitchen anyway, you know, because she was an art lover.

4. Pummeled Ennui - April 22, 2007

I painted myself into a corner once.


5. Enas Yorl - April 23, 2007

Hey! A new commenter! Welcome sir!

Remember folks, nobody is born knowing how to do anything (unless your mother transmutes the Water of Life while pregnant with you, but that’s totally a special case though). All it takes is an interest, a desire to improve one’s skills and a willingness to practice, practice, practice.

6. Pummeled Ennui - April 23, 2007

Thankee. Nice site. Strange humour. Comfortable.

And…my brother isn’t Maud’Dib so I was born knowing nothing. I have learned how to whine a bit, though.

7. Elzbth - April 23, 2007

Enas Yorl, are you taking the rest of us for granted?

8. Enas Yorl - April 23, 2007

No ma’am! I treasure each and every single person who deigns to drop a pearl o’ wisdom here. It doesn’t hurt to shake out the welcome mat for new folk who happen by though.

9. Maud'dib - April 24, 2007

I gotcher spice worm, ri’cheer!

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