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Unpacking and Repacking Memories April 6, 2007

Posted by Mitchell in Home.

I mentioned in an earlier post my Parental Units are unloading some of their stuff on me.  I now have the cedar chest and the reed organ.  I’m going to get a digital camera this weekend so I can take some pictures and get them posted.  Anyway, they want their stuff from the cedar chest tomorrow so I’m digging through it now and I’ve come across some interesting items.  I thought I would share.

  •  2 American flags of decentish quality.  They were folded wrong so I fixed them.
  • Miscellaneous fabric stuff.
  • The Parental Units’ Marriage Certificate
  • Three “Beanie Babies” mummified in tissue paper and entombed in plastic zipperloc bags.
  • My Maternal Unit’s High School diploma.  WOW.  There’s a story here since it’s from a Correspondence School.  I vaguely recall something about the circumstances around this – I’ll inquire and post later.
  • Paternal Unit’s HS diploma from hometown HS.  National Honor’s Society sticker too.  Unsurprising.  Wait…National Thespian Society?  He’s never mentioned that!  Ohhhh the stories I’m gonna get out of them this weekend!
  • An old chocolate box stuffed with letters, newspaper clippings and awwww crap the original, handwritten poem I wrote and submitted for a poetry contest in Junior High (8th grade).  I got an Honorable Mention Award for it too.  It’s around here, somewhere.  I’d completely forgotten the poem, and yes, it’s as dreadfully horrible as I’d feared.
  • Many, many cards.  Some of these go back 20 years at least.
  • Ooo.  A tally of expenses I owe them starting from 8/28/1992.  Hmm – I was having a rough spot at the time and they were helping me out.  It seems that I still owe them $1,431,58 from the last tally date of 10/1/93.  That’s 162 months from then until now.  What would be the compounded interest debt I owe them?  Nrrk.  My shredder is only 3 feet away…
  • A Bad Hair Day wallet school picture of me at 8 or 9 years old.  I’m wearing a gunslinger Bugs Bunny shirt that has the caption “Don’t Mess with The Kid”.
  • A sad folder of papers relating to my grandmother’s separation/divorce from her husband.
  • Christmas Carols songbook.  When I was a kid a group of us actually went around a couple years on Christmas Eve and sang carols from this book.  I wore a home-made Santa costume with a white beard made of cotton balls.
  • Ooof.  Many, many, many cards.  Good grief.  I think Mom saved every card she’s ever received.  Dad’s too.
  • Starting second box – more cards.  Oh, and they all have their envelopes too.  One catches my attention – there’s something sticking out of the envelope – A poem my father wrote for my mother for their 30th Anniversary.  I’m pulling this one out.  They are going to have their 50th in two years.
  • Oh, it seems the Marriage Certificate I spotted earlier is actually the one for my grandmother and grandfather on my father’s side.  There’s a sad story here – my Dad’s father died of tuberculosis shortly before his son was born.  The only thing my father knew of his father was through what relatives could tell him.  By all accounts he was a remarkable man.  Everyone called him Alex, but I just found out his first name was William.  From the date on the certificate, they weren’t even married two years before he died.
  • Genealogical history papers, & first issue Ike stamp.
  • HAH!  Ross Perot bumper stickers.  No, they weren’t supporters.  They held onto them as potentially valuable campaign memorabilia 50+ years down the line.  I have a RP button on my fridge.
  • Baby Albums for my older brother and sister.  By the time I rolled around my Mom stopped messing with such things.
  • A Carter / Mondale “Election Night” button from the Carter / Reagan campaign.  Mom worked as an Office Manager / Controller for a non-profit campaign fund-raising organization for Jimmy Carter’s re-election in an office in downtown Washington, D.C.  Mom voted for Reagan.
  • A pair of pearl studs for ear-piercings.  My Mom had a tumor on her neck when she was a kid.  They removed the tumor and used a skin graft from her ear-lobe to cover the area they removed.  She’s never worn ear-rings or studs.
  • A genuine, uncirculated, memorial 1$ gaming token from the Hard Rock Casino still in it’s packaging.
  • Finally, several pieces of exquisite lace crochet work made by my great-grandmother.  I had no appreciation for such work when I was a kid and she was still alive.  I look at them now and I’m amazed by the level of skill she had.  Mom has a queen-bed sized spread of her lace crochet and it’s stunning when it’s laid out. 

A box of old family memories got emptied out for the use of the next generation.  Time to start filling it back up…

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