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Attn Elzbth! April 30, 2007

Posted by Mitchell in Art, Destined for the Gulags, Politics.
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You have been selected as the next recipient of The Center of the Anomaly’s Annual Whim Award!  Congratulations!

At some nebulous point in the future you will receive an original, hand-crafted piece of Art by me.  The type and content of said “Art” is also nebulous.  The Designated Recipient (Elzbth) can, if she/he/it wants to, can reduce the nebulouositiness of both the future construction and delivery timeliness, as well as the type and content considerably if the Designated Recipient chooses to provide some sort of general advise as to the Designated Recipient’s interests and desires regarding the Award.

Or you can opt for the maximum nebulosity of the “Whatever I Decide” version.  It’s your choice. 

Thanks for your loyal patronage, Elzbth!

Enas Yorl

Darn You Scientific American! April 27, 2007

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I’m a member of the their book club and I didn’t respond soon enough to turn down the latest Selection of the Month and it shipped automatically.  So now I have a box that I haven’t opened yet sitting on my dining room table.  I had no idea which book they sent so I looked up my account.  They sent me this one:  Applied Mathematics.  The subject material is way out of my league so I was going to return it this weekend when another package from Scientific American showed up today.  I checked my account again and they’re not charging me for it whatever it is.  Some sort of “free gift” with my latest “purchase” no doubt, but I have no idea what it is.  This puts me in a quandry.  Obviously I should send them both back with a “thank you, but no thank you” but…

Did you check that link above?  It goes to Amazon.com and not Scientific American’s book club.  Did you see the price?  I’ll assume “no” and tell you that they have it for $104.65.  That’s a pricey book.  The amount Scientific American is charging me for that book and “free gift” kicker?  $32.50.  That’s…a very good deal.  I’m a sucker for such things.  But, why would I pay anything for a book full of stuff that I lack the education to even begin to understand?  Well…

At some point in my life I must have been in the proximity of a working Infinite Improbability Drive and got caught in the backwash because against all reasonable odds I actually have a real career as a Data Analyst for organization not known to hand such serious things to silly people.  At any rate, if I’m going to make any signifiicant advancements beyond the next rung I’m going to have to beef up my math skills significantly.  I might as well go ahead and pay for it.  Hell, I’ve considered paying $24.00 for a pound of bacon!  This book will last a whole lot longer than bacon. 

Mmmmm, baconnnn auguglulaugualua!!!

I’ll Be Darned… April 26, 2007

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Today at work I won a luncheon with The Wigness of Maximum Bigness of my organization.  Once a year all the employees attend one of a series of briefings conducted by the tWoMB where she goes over the org’s Big Picture items:  what we’re doing now, where we’re going, critical issues, and whatnot.  We get a similar update in the fall from one of the wearers of the Wigness of Second Bigness.  As we enter the conference room we’re invited to pop our name into a basket to be drawn from at the end of the session for the luncheon.  I wrote my name and number on a slip an tossed it in.  I had an odd feeling as she randomly picked the winning slip.  Sure enough, it was mine.  As I said, she does several of these briefings and a name is picked every time so there will be several of us at this luncheon.  It should be interesting, but I need to take an oath:

I will not discuss politics!

I will not discuss politics!

I will not discuss politics!

Pump My Organ April 25, 2007

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Ha!  That title ought to get a few hits! 

I’m referring of course to the Old Family Heirloom that I aquired recently:  the reed pump organ.

Reed Organ

Click the pic to get it a little bigger sized pic.

More detailed shots below


You Can’t Say That I Have No Class April 20, 2007

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Because I signed up for one!  No, not ceramics this time around, nor a repeat of watercolors (which I considered auditing).  For this summer it’s Sculpture 1:  “An introduction to the techniques and concepts in contemporary sculpture which will include casting, carving & constructing.” 

This is good!  I wanted to do more sculptural pieces in the ceramics class, but now I’ll be doing them in different materials than those I’ve worked with before.  I wonder what we’ll be carving into?  I hope it’s something really cool like elephant ivory.  You just don’t see as much of that stuff around as you used to.  I wonder why?  I would also like to work with soapstone or alabaster.  Well, we’ll see.

Attention… April 20, 2007

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I am off today and enjoying the start of my three-day weekend.  You, most likely, are not.  HA HA!

Oh, and you slackers are not Doing Your Duty.  Don’t think I didn’t notice.   Come on people!  Don’t be a goat, vote for the Stoat!

DO YOUR DUTY! April 19, 2007

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There are only two things you need to do today:

  1. Register here for the Blogger’s Choice Awards
  2. Then go here and vote for Stoat Weasel’s “Weasel Times & Stoat Intelligencer” blog for Best Blog Design.

Everything else is unimportant.  If you accomplish nothing else today, you can still pat yourself on the back at the end of it and feel good that you’ve advanced the causes of Truth, Justice and Bloggarian Way!  Do your duty:  VOTE STOAT!

Oh, and if you’re inclined go here to vote for mesablue’s Absolute Moral Authority as the Most Obnoxious Blog.  The man is a jerk and a complete knee-biter and this ought to be his reward.

More Birthday Begeekery April 17, 2007

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Okay, here’s another set of birthday presents I bought.  Sorting Hat and Pen Set

It’s the Hogwart’s House Pen collection with Sorting Hat display!

Click the thumbnail below to get a closer look at the pens.  One pen for each House (I guess) within Hogwart’s.  Left to right they are: Hufflepuff, Slytherin, Griffindor and Ravenclaw.

Pen Detail

As geeky as all of this is – it’s even worse than you think.  I’ve not read any of the books.  Sure, I saw the movies on DVD but I doubt I own any of them. 

Now, this present isn’t actually for me, it’s for the team at work.  There are three people on our team.  We each get one of the pens, with one in reserve for a possible fourth position that we would fill later.  The Sorting Hat is a present for the Team itself.  Regardless of whatever becomes of me or any of the others now present, if we all eventually leave the hat goes to the people that replace us.  So, I do get one of the pens.  Guess which one I get?

I’m Not Old April 17, 2007

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King Arthur       Old woman!

 crop.jpg      Man!

King Arthur  Man.  I’m sorry.  Old man, What knight live in that castle over there?

crop.jpg       I’m thirty-seven.

King Arthur       What?

crop.jpg       I’m thirty-seven … I’m not old.

King Arthur       Well – I can’t just say:  “Hey, Man!’
crop.jpg       Well you could say: “Enas”

King Arthur       I didn’t know you were called Enas.

crop.jpg       You didn’t bother to find out, did you?


Another year on this side of the sod – I turn 37 today!  I’m celebrating by going to work and mapping out routes to 300+ locations scattered about Las Vegas.

Well, no – I’m taking off this Friday and my Parental Units are taking me out to dinner (Mexican food!) that night.  I started celebrating yesterday when my camera arrived.  What astonishing devices those clever Ixians develop these days!  More about that later.

Well, back to work – lots of stuff to do today.  I hope y’all have a good one!

Pricey Pork April 16, 2007

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So I decided last night to buy some of that fancy bacon from that Bacon of the Month site.  Until I saw the shipping charges.  It’s one thing to pay $10 – $14 for a pound of bacon.  It’s quite another to pay $13 more on top of it for 2nd day shipping.  Yes, I understand that bacon is perishable, but still – 24 bucks for 1 pound of bacon?  I’m having a hard time justifying that sort of expense.  I dunno.  I’ll have to think about it some more.