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iPod Random 10 March 17, 2007

Posted by Mitchell in Home.

Mr. Slublog has one of those blog-meme thingies going.  Since I’m a fellow ipoditarian I let mine pop out a random 10 songs too.  Here’s the results:

1. Homer Simpson quote: “Gasp!  Computers can do that?”

2. Max Headroom quote:  “M-m-m-m-m-Max Headroom”

Okay, those aren’t songs.  I have a couple hundred of .wav files of movie and TV lines loaded on this thing.  Any random selection is going to pop off a few of these.

1.2  “She Moved Through the Fair” – Anuna on “The Celtic Circle”.  Over the last few years I’ve become increasingly tired of the “Classic” rock stuff I’ve been listening to since the mid-’70s.  As such, I’ve been exploring some of the different musical avenues I’ve been exposed to, but never really looked into.  Clannad &Enya are the usual starting points for this sort of stuff, and this compilation album of other artists in the genre is a good next step.

2.2  “Moving to the Ghetto October 31, 1940” – The Pianist.  I’ve never heard this song before tonight.  It’s a selection from the movie soundtrack.  I’m a member of one of those cd clubs and I didn’t send the “No I Don’t Want This” card back soon enough before they sent out the featured selection, and then I forgot to send the damn thing back before the trial period was up.  So, I have the soundtrack to a movie I never saw, and probably won’t ever see.  This track was boring, and thankfully only about a minute long.

3.2  “Homeward Bound” – Simon & Garfunkle on a “Greatest Hits” album.  One of their old favorites of course, recorded live here.  I’ve listened to S & G songs ever since I was a kid.  I’ve listened to these albums too many times though.  I need a 15 – 20 year break from some of these songs before I can really like them again.

4.2  “The Sounds of Silence” – ditto above.  Wow – out of all the songs the iPod could have “randomly” selected it picked anotherS & G song from the same album.  I have doubts about the true randomness of the iPod “Shuffle” feature.

5.2  “Sunday Girl” – Blondie on “The Platinum Collection”.  It’s a nice song, remenescent of The Seeker’s “Georgie Girl”.  I remember my first introduction to Blondie – Heart of Glass was big on the radio during a road trip to Florida from Maryland for vacation in when I was a kid.  That song came out in ’79, but I remember hearing Juice Newton’s Queen of Hearts being played by the pool at the hotel we were staying at so the year was probably 1981.

6.2  “Linger” – The Cranberries.  One of their two hits from the ’90s.  I haven’t really followed this band, actually.  I borrowed “To the Faithful Departed” album from a guy at work and didn’t really care for it.  This song and “Dreams” I got from iTunes.

7.2  “Elephantoplasty” – Monty Python, “The Instant Record Collection”.  Several classic Monty Python skits in audio form.  Here, an overly opportunistic plastic surgeon describes the results of how he put an elephant’s nose and feet on an ususpecting passer-by, etc.  Some of you purists might object that this isn’t a song either.

7.3  “Hocus Pocus” – by Focus on “Moving Waves”.  Hard rockin’ and yodelling.  You don’t know “Hocus Pocus”?   Of course you do.  I iTunesed the whole album on the off chance that there was something else amazing here.  There wasn’t.

8.3  “Los Peces En El Rio” – Manheim Steamroller on “Christmas Live”.  It’s a good song.  I borrowed a bunch of cd’s from my parents and ported them into my iPod – they like Manheim Steamroller and their christmas songs particularly.  I like them too.

9.3  “Waiting For You” – Seal on “Best 1991 – 2004”.  I borrowed this album from the same guy at work who had the Cranberries album.  I like this one better. 

10.1  “I’ll do you for that!” – Monty Python, “Quest for the Holy Grail”  Movie quote, not actually a song.

10.3  “Nocturnes – Nuages”  Leonard Bernstein conducting – “Leonard Berstein – A Total Embrace”.  A double album of L.B.’s conducting of several famous classical pieces.  Most of the album is pretty good – this particular passage is rather boring.

There ya go. 


1. Retired Geezer - March 18, 2007

Would it surprise you to know that *I’m* familiar with Hocus Pocus?
I’ve got the Album but not the CD, please enclose that song with your next blackmail payment.

I recommend the ‘Celtic Woman’ DVD, I got it at Wal*Mart for $10.

2. Enas Yorl - March 18, 2007

It doesn’t surprise me at all, RG. I’ve picked up “Celtic Woman” too. Good stuff there.

3. Retired Geezer - March 20, 2007

I liked the song “Wealthy Widow” (?) That chick was hot.

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