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Et Cetera… January 18, 2007

Posted by Mitchell in Home.

A post about nothing.

I saw the Oscar Meyer Wienermobile on the freeway coming home toninght.  It was heading out of Las Vegas on I-15, it’s job done I suppose.  I followed right behind it for a bit and for a second it looked like it was going to get off of the freeway at my exit and give North Las Vegas a visit.  No luck, it merged over was last seen chugging out of town to bless some other part of the country with its presence.  It had a Wisconsin license plate.  Seeing it made me hungry for a hotdog.  I was tempted to pick up a pack and some buns from the grocery store.  Mmmm, hotdogs!  I didn’t though.  Still, it reminded me of the beer-steamed hotdogs I like at the Rio Hotel.  They have a quick order eatery inside called “Terrible Mike’s” and they serve delicious hotdogs there.  I like to get it with an order of cheese-fries and a drink.  I only go there when I’m going to see a movie upstairs.  They have a nice theater there, and the cocktail waitresses have really cute uniforms.  I like the Rio.

On the Weight Loss Challenge

Yeah, I haven’t been very good here, thus the lack of any updates.  I’m as lazy as a Teamster unioner and I have the will-power of Whitney Houston to resist the temptation of Bad Stuff.  No progress to report.  I’m in a state of ennui that I just can’t seem to break out of.  Extreme inertia.

Well, that’s all there is here.  What’s up with you?


1. Pupster - January 18, 2007

A wienermobile sighting is a sign. A good omen. Your fortunes are about to change; for the better.

*cue Oscar Meyer music*

Oh, I want to eat a hot dog at the Rio,
Then I could go watch a late movie-e-e

But if I eat a hot dog at the Rio,
Pupster, Dave and Geoff will all beat me

2. Retired Geezer - January 18, 2007

The Rio is one of my favorite places too. Nice butt action on the waitresses.

I think the weinermobile used to be parked at the foot of the Stratosphere. Hey, isn’t that where you posed for that picture in the Blogidaho.com hat?

3. Enas Yorl - January 19, 2007

Ah, no RG – that would be the now closed and soon to be blown up Stardust.

4. Jeffrey Dahmer - January 19, 2007

My baloney has a first name….

5. Dave in Texas - January 19, 2007

Yeah, they do have nice trunks at the Rio.

But they’re as common as rocks. After a while you just sorta get numb.

Or thrown out for misbehaving over at the Tilted Kilt.

6. Retired Geezer - January 20, 2007

I stole your picture for a (local interest) article on my moronblog about the meat processing plant that’s going to reopen.
Should restore 400 jobs to our town.
And stink in the air.
Might be a surprise to the people who bought homes downwind of the (at the time) closed plant.
Every now and then I can smell the Sugar (beet) factory, from my house. I don’t think it smells that bad but some people do.

7. Enas Yorl - January 20, 2007

Hey no problem RG – steal away.

Up here in North Las Vegas I actually live pretty close to a pig farm. A BIG pig farm. It’s been here forever – you probably know about it. A lot of the hotel/casinos in town send their waste food stuff to it. Anyway, they’ve built a lot of homes around the area and depending on the wind you can get a whiff of it. My parents are moving back to this area this spring, and they REALLY liked one of the designs of a new tract going in to the north of the farm. It was fine the first time they went out there, but the next time – they caught a whiff. It was enough. They are looking elsewhere now.

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