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Weight Loss Challenge January 4, 2007

Posted by Mitchell in Home, Shrinking.

Pupster  has launched on a New Year Resolution campaign to lose weight and quit smoking.  This has led to friendly challenge to develop among Mr. Pupster and a couple other bloggers – Geoff and Dave in Texas.  I decided to horn in on the action as I REALLY need to something about my situation, and I could use the additional incentive.

According to the Navy Circumference calculator thingy for me:  the Bodyfat Percentage (BF%) of a 71 inch male with a 18 inch neck, and a 60 inch abdomen is 48%Recommended BF% for a man is 15%.   Eeech! 

Alas, I currently have the general shape and typical activity level of Homer Simpson.  However, I have a Plan. 

***Update***  Sorry, lunch break was over before I finished but I wanted to have something up.  Follow after the fold…

The Plan – it’s your usual basic two-pronged approach:  control what and how much you eat and exercise.  Elzbth asked about Atkins.  I’ve tried it before and it drove me crazy.  You can have butter!  What the hell can I put it on?  You can have shrimp!  But I can’t have cocktail sauce.  Etc, etc.

Dave in Texas likes South Beach and I did it for a while and had some success, but SB had some problems for me too.  One, I was always cooking (which I don’t like) and after about a week I started to feel really weird.  Discipline broke down and I started doing my usual thing – the tendency to be lazy and avoid preparing my own stuff and eating high-calorie convenience foods.  Obviously I need to stop doing that and put more thought and time into planning my meals. 

Basically, the diet I plan to follow is a common sense one that follows some a basic rules  – avoid high fat stuff, choose lower-fat varieties or do without.  Avoid the saturated fats where possible, use the good fats instead to enhance flavor (good ol’ EVOO!).  As for carbs – I’ve read all the stuff, but I’ve realized that I can’t follow anything for very long that eliminates my beloved sourdough bread and sandwiches made thereof.  But I can do other things (sorry potatoes) and cut back on overall bread consumption and use it as a reward rather than a typical staple.  Also I’ll avoid other high-glycemic foods when reasonable.  I won’t be a maniac about this though.  Next up is more fruits and veggies, and then finally portion control.  No long-term diet will ever be successful until you fundamentally cut back on the overall quantity of food you consume. 

Exercise!  Of course there is as much debate and discussion about this topic as there is about diets.  I won’t get into them here except to sketch out my regimin.  First up – walking.  I’m too heavy and out of shape to do a whole lot beyond this intitially.  Still, a brisk 30+ minute walk a day, every day will go a long way.  I have a gym membership where I can get on a treadmill and precisely track my progress and increase the intensity incrementally in speed and incline.  A little later I’m going to start including body-weight exercises (calisthenics, basically).  I plan to largely avoid the free-weights and machines.

That’s it, in a nutshell.  Nothing particularly radical or groundbreaking, but I think it’s a plan that I can live and work with.



1. Elzbth - January 4, 2007

What’s the plan, Stan? I have a friend who lost a whole lotta pounds with Weight Watchers, but then she got pregnant and gained most of it back. However, I don’t think you will do that. Just call it a hunch. I remember she would endlessly go on about something called “points”, which was not interesting to others. Jenny Craig is supposed to be really good. I have had a couple of friends use that, and the one who stuck it out did really well. However men really like that Atkins diet, because you can go all Neanderthal and eat bacon. It seems to work, though. Is that the plan?

2. Retired Geezer - January 5, 2007

Here’s 3 things that always work for me:
1. Stop with the sweets already.
2. Eat a Subway Veggie sammich for lunch.
3. Go to Souper Salad for dinner if you can.
There’s one at Maryland Parkway and Flamingo and another one at Rainbow and Lake Mead (I think).

I wish they would build one in Idaho. That’s my favorite place for lunch.

3. Enas Yorl - January 5, 2007

Yes, I like Souper Salad, and the Maryland Pkwy is actually close to work. I eat there with co-workers from time to time. The Rainbow one is a different salad place – Sweet Tomatos. It’s good too, a little bit better than SS. None of these locations are near where I live, though.

There is a Subway shop nearby at home. I can never order the veggie sandwich though – there are too many OTHER better sammiches there!

4. Pupster - January 6, 2007

Sounds like a good plan Enas. I don’t have the will-power to simply “eat better and less”, but I have just enough crazy to follow a pretty radical Atkins regimen. I’ll need a longer term solution for the future.

Good luck.

5. Mrs. Peel - January 7, 2007

“Friendly challenge,” Enas? Dude, have you not been paying attention or what?

Tubby, that’s what you punks are! Every last one of you! I’m going to start calling you the BlogTubbies.

(Seriously – good luck. And actually, you have an advantage over the others, because when you’re at the bottom of the curve, you get greater results for smaller changes. If I, at 5’1″ and 100 lb, wanted to actually lose weight, I would have to have an organ removed or something. Probably the liver. That sucker weighs like 10 lb.)

6. Enas Yorl - January 8, 2007

Mrs. Peel, yah it’s all friendly stuff – even with the jibes. I have an advantage, but worse personal tendencies. Anyway, welcome back to the Blogworld!

7. kevlarchick - January 9, 2007

Dude! Stop with the convenience store burritos. The weight will MELT off.

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