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Kitty Didn’t Feel Well Today January 31, 2007

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So I got home and finally managed to get in my house (‘nother story) this evening after work and there was something in the air / not right.  It took a bit, but I eventually noticed that the cat object disgorged a hair ball.  And breakfast.  And second breakfast.  And elevensies.  And lunch.  And dinner.  And supper.  And…well you get the picture.  I’ve got it mostly cleaned up, though I’ve still got to deal with the stain.  I guess I’d better handle that now.

Hey, RG – Are Bunnies Allowed to Do This? January 30, 2007

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Posted without comment – odd rabbit behavior.

Fear and Loathing… January 27, 2007

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If you’ve ever read Hunter S. Thompson’s “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” you may recall that there was a break in the continuity of the narrative due to some malfunction with the taping system Thompson was using.  Modern technology being what it is, it seems that missing bit has been restored and transcribed here.

If you’ve read the book that link will  be hilarious.  If you’ve never read the book, read what’s at the link and you’ll never have to read the book.


IT’S HERE!! January 25, 2007

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My tablet, that is.  I’m so excited!  Can you tell?  It’s even earlier than I was expecting (although I was kinda hoping it would get here this week).



I just got home and the thing hooked up and the driver installed.  OMFG this thing is unbelievably cool straight out of the box.  To move the courser around you don’t even touch the tablet!  You just hover, and it moves!  And it only responds to your pen!  And the tablet is mapped exactly to the screen!  This is fracking magic!  OMG I’m using too many exclamation points!! 

It’s been maybe five minutes and mouses and trackballs and whatnot are dead technology to me.  Dead I tell you!!  I’m SO going to make my boss get me one of these for work.  By this summer I’m gonna have the whole office using these things.  That’s it for now, gotta go through the rest of the manual.

***Update 2***

Okay, finished the tutorial. 


This thing has tons of functionality built into it.  It really is a magic wand for the computer.  Okay, gotta run!

***Update 3***

Okay, I loaded the stripped down version of Photoshop included with the tablet and played around for a few minutes. 


Stripped down, eh?  They’ve done a few things with it since I last played around with this software 7 or 8 years ago.  And as for how well the tablet and pen integrate with this? 

I’m gabberflasted.  It’s just…wow.  Words fail to express….  I dunno, it’s like I’ve never held a real drawing instrument before.  I’m just using the default settings here and…OMG the level of control you can have with this thing!

Well, I can go on and on here and never really convey my astonishment.  I haven’t even tried out the other two paint programs included.  369 bucks?  It’s a bargain!

Top 20 Greatest Guitar Solos January 24, 2007

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Found this link to the Top 20 guitar solos, as selected by Guitar World with videos!  Lots of familiar ones, of course, but some are a bit more obscure.  “Cliffs of Dover” by Eric Johnson rarely gets any air play, but it is an awesome song.  I bet Dave in Texas would be surprised to find David Gilmore in the top 5 though.

A New Toy? January 19, 2007

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Christmas isn’t over for me yet.  My Parental Units gave me $500 to spend on whatever I want this year.  I have been thinking about a new radio for my car that’s made to integrate with the iPod.  I looked at a nice Alpine one that has many of the whiz-bang features available today along with the iPod stuff that runs about $270 installed.  The store was out of that particular model when I was there, or I’d already have it.  I also want a Wii.  Between the two that would run a bit over $500 but I can easily afford the difference.  Now, however I’ve found out how S. Weasel makes those cool weasel graphics he does.  On the computer with a tablet!  Through sheer tsunami force of (his) huge, throbbing artistic hoodoo, marginally assisted with a computer and tablet.  I am SERIOUSLY considering this one.  At 6″ x 11″ it’s a large enough surface to have some freedom with but it’s not too big and take up too much space for its functionality.  There are loads of features there too, as well as a stripped down version of Photoshop.  I guess I’ll be needing that to do my picture of me having, uhhh, relations with Helen Thomas after I lose this contest I’m in. 


Since I haven’t had a gaming console since the Atari 2600 I guess the Wii can wait a few months until my birthday.

Et Cetera… January 18, 2007

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A post about nothing.

I saw the Oscar Meyer Wienermobile on the freeway coming home toninght.  It was heading out of Las Vegas on I-15, it’s job done I suppose.  I followed right behind it for a bit and for a second it looked like it was going to get off of the freeway at my exit and give North Las Vegas a visit.  No luck, it merged over was last seen chugging out of town to bless some other part of the country with its presence.  It had a Wisconsin license plate.  Seeing it made me hungry for a hotdog.  I was tempted to pick up a pack and some buns from the grocery store.  Mmmm, hotdogs!  I didn’t though.  Still, it reminded me of the beer-steamed hotdogs I like at the Rio Hotel.  They have a quick order eatery inside called “Terrible Mike’s” and they serve delicious hotdogs there.  I like to get it with an order of cheese-fries and a drink.  I only go there when I’m going to see a movie upstairs.  They have a nice theater there, and the cocktail waitresses have really cute uniforms.  I like the Rio.

On the Weight Loss Challenge

Yeah, I haven’t been very good here, thus the lack of any updates.  I’m as lazy as a Teamster unioner and I have the will-power of Whitney Houston to resist the temptation of Bad Stuff.  No progress to report.  I’m in a state of ennui that I just can’t seem to break out of.  Extreme inertia.

Well, that’s all there is here.  What’s up with you?

Mr. Minority Wants Elephant Shooz January 14, 2007

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He just wants an outfit that looks good.

World Wide Intertuberiness January 11, 2007

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A website dedicated to all the ways you can lace up and tie your shoelaces.  I’ve laced and tied my shoes the same way all of my life, and it’s never even occurred to me to do it any other way.  Tomorrow is “Casual Friday” at work and I get to wear jeans, t-shirt and sneakers.  My current sneakers are a pair of white Nikes and I’m pulling the black and grey laces out of a different pair of shoes to show off some nifty lace styles tomorrow!

Found over at Ghost of a Flea.  The Flea has a kicky new pair of high tops.  Check them out.


Well, I’ll be damned.  I’ve been tying my shoes exactly the way my older sister taught me for 30+ years and I’ve been doing them wrong every single time!  I’ve always had a problem with my shoes becoming untied my entire life, and now I know why.  Check out “How to Tie an Ian Knot” on that website.  It’s very fast too!  I’ve learned a new way to fold shirts and tie my shoes in the last two weeks courtesy of the Intertubes. 

Thanks Al Gore!

Extreme Hand-blogging January 10, 2007

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For the assortment of oddballs over at Innocent Bystanders who enjoy this sort of thing:  A bunch of hands. 

It’s a big file, so let it load for a bit.  Definitely worth watching the whole thing.