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Eggs Bedeviled! December 7, 2006

Posted by Mitchell in Home.
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I did two dozen eggs tonight.  It took a fair bit longer than I had anticipated, but they came out pretty good I think.  The first batch is a bit lumpier than I like.  The recipe indicates you mush up the egg yolks with a fork and I did so, but fork tines can leave siginificant chunks and mine did.  The second batch I mashed really good with a spoon and it yielded a much finer product.  I also stuck closer to the recipe for the first batch and while it’s good, it’s a little bland for my taste.  The second batch I doubled the vinegar and mustard and of course it has a sharper flavor more to my liking.  If I was really making these for myself I would have thrown a few dashes of the chipolte version of Tobasco sauce instead of the extra vinegar and added the black olives and green chilies from the Mexican version.  Flavor!  I love it!  Alas, it is not for everyone.

We also have a gift exchange tomorrow too.  There’s a $20 limit on the price of the gift.  Last year it was “Secret Santa” style and I got an Oragami-A-Day calendar which I’ve enjoyed very much all year long.  This year it’s a different process – the gifts are to be randomly distributed to everyone who signed up.  I went over to a Brookestone store at a mall near work and browsed everything they had.  I picked up a “hang anywhere” magnetic  dartboard that was marked off from $30 to $19.99.  Even if whoever gets it doesn’t want it it’s easily re-wrapped as a present for a kid.

I Am Worthy December 5, 2006

Posted by Mitchell in Home, Politics.
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I’m now a member of the Board of Directors for my HOA and we had our first meeting with me on the this side of the table.  Sigh.  We have lots of issues and short money to deal with them.  One of the biggest problems that faces us is the fact that the vast majority of the people who live here have little or no understanding that there are any problems at all.  The other part is that those who ARE doing the damage understand that there is a Significant Section who are unwilling to be aware that anything is wrong.

Sign of the Apocralypse December 3, 2006

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I actually cooked something today all by my selfish.  In the oven no less!  AND it required separate ingredients not already conveniently pre-packaged together in a box!!  I made MEATLOAF!  Which actually a main dish too and not just the singer from the “Bat Out of Hell” album.  And that other song – the one about how he would do anything for love but he wouldn’t do whatever it was that he wouldn’t do.  I guess he didn’t want to use a condom or something.

Anyway.  Meatloaf – it was good!  Not quite my Mom’s recipe, and it could use some extra seasoning, but all-in-all a good, solid first effort.  I also made a sample of mexican-style deviled eggs.  We’re having a pot-luck lunch at the office next week and I signed up to make deviled eggs.  I’ve got the standard recipe along with the “South of the Border” version.  It ditches the mustard and vinegar and adds green peppers and black olives with chili powder and red pepper.  They were good, but I think I’ll stick with the regular version for this event. 

Wastin’ Time December 2, 2006

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HayZeus, Inc. threw down the gauntlet to see who can lay claim to being the long distance champion of Flight of the Hampsters.


Flight of the Hampsters

Update:  Yeah, yeah – I saw it. 

Update 2:  Heh.


Attention Kevlarchick! December 1, 2006

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The Skull is in the mail!  It should start winging its way to you tomorrow.  Thank you for your patience! 😀