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Crushing HayZeus’ Hopes December 10, 2006

Posted by Mitchell in Juggling.

New hamster-fling high.  hamsterhigh3.jpg



1. Elzbth - December 11, 2006

How did you get one to go 563 feet?

2. Enas Yorl - December 11, 2006

A good dose of luck, but also a strategy of trying to keep it low and flat (but don’t shy away from the fans when you need them). This particular flight would have been over in half the distance except for a skateboard slide into another launch board. Flap sparingly – you can change altitude very quickly when going fast speeds so save your power for when you need it most to grab the rockets and bounce balls. I think most of us aren’t using the re-launch boards to their best advantage too. The initial launch bump is important too. I do best getting the guy on the way up, rather than on the way down. That’s all I have to offer. Happy hamster flinging!

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