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Thanksgiving Is Almost Here November 21, 2006

Posted by Mitchell in Home.

My parents are in town and we will have Thanksgiving dinner at my home.  We decided to not go the turkey route this time around and instead go with chicken.  There’s just the three of us here, so it doesn’t make sense to cook up a big ol’ bird.  Well, I guess we’re fudging that a bit since we’re going with two chickens, but prepared two different ways.  One is the beer-butt chicken and the other will be roasted in a more traditional manner.  Chicken or turkey, it hardly matters actually since the central dish of our meal is really the stuffing!  Seriously.  The relative success or failure of cooking the fabled “moist turkey” has always ranked a distant second place to the successful creation of our traditional corn bread stuffing.  Dry turkey can always be remedied by giblet gravy.  Bad stuffing cannot be remedied so easily.

My Mom will be here tomorrow to cook up the cornbread and some other things to get started for Thursday’s meal.  Mom’s homemade cornbread is the central ingredient for the stuffing of course.  It’s the same recipe she’s used for 40+ years that she got from her mom and she’s baked it in the same exact cast-iron pan for all of those years.  She never cooks anything else in it.  I LOVE my Mom’s cornbread.  I’ve never tasted any better in any restaurant, or anywhere else for that matter.  For some reason a lot of cornbread recipes are sweet – hers is not.  At any rate I will get her recipe and I will post it here. 

My Dad actually prepares The Stuffing – it’s his major contribution to the whole Thanksgiving feast.  It’s a fairly significant undertaking too – in terms of all the getting all the ingredients arranged, the chopping and mixing and whatnot.  The written recipe is really good in terms of specifying the elements and quantities needed of the major ingredients, but it takes an experienced hand to really put it together correctly and make sure it gets cooked the way it’s supposed to.  Half of this recipe is on a 3 x 5 card, the other half is in my Dad’s head.  This time around I want to be more in the central role and start learning my Dad’s half of the recipe. 

So, this was my pre-game round-up for Thanksgiving.  I have MUCH to be thankful for, and much to look forward to.  To the handful of readers who check in here from time to time I wish you all a good Thanksgiving! 



1. Retired Geezer - November 21, 2006

Thanks Enas, you all have a happy Thanksgiving. We’ll have ours next week.

2. Enas Yorl - November 21, 2006

RG – you have an amazing talent to post here before i can post the right topic! I hope your son and Kevin recovers soon.

3. geoff - November 24, 2006

A belated Happy Thanksgiving to the Yorl clan. May torpor visit you throughout the holiday weekend.

4. kevlarchick - November 26, 2006

WHew. I’ve been in food coma for three days. Happy Thanksgiving, friend.

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