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The Whim November 16, 2006

Posted by Mitchell in Art.

Elzbth has called me out.

In answer to your question – no I have not fulfilled my duty to create and award the “Whim” prize to Kevlarchick.

I feel very bad about this.   At the time I really thought I could turn around something neat & quick.  Alas, I’m a flake and I’ve not done so, even after all this time.

Still, I’m obligated.  Kevlarchick – you have the choice of the ceramic skull thingy you originally requested or the eventual watercolor painting I will do for you.

SkullI have some interesting ideas kicking around in my head, but I’ll admit it takes REALLY hard kicks to knock them out of the realm of idea into actual reality.  This is why I don’t make my living doing this stuff.  Anyway, let me know. 



1. kevlarchick - November 17, 2006

Darling, are you kidding? I want that SKULL. However, if you are about to give birth to something equally amazing, I will wait. Plus I know how you love that cool skull.

The best Christmas present evah!

*elzbth, now I will beg a whim for you* Enas, did you ever think you’d have all these hot blog babes awating your whims?

2. Enas Yorl - November 17, 2006

Nope – not kidding. It’s totally yours if’n ya wants, and it sounds like you do. I’ve had it for a few years now and I’m cool with giving it away to someone that would really enjoy having it. I doubt I’m on the verge of busting out anyting new at the moment. Anyhoo, drop me an email at EnasYorl2000@yahoo.com and we’ll arrange a way to get it to you.

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