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The Hobbit September 19, 2006

Posted by Mitchell in Home, Science Fiction & Fantasy.

Will almost certainly be made into a movie.  Via Ghost of a Flea we get this: Hollywood wants Jackson.  Dunno if they will get him – his schedule looks busy.  The fact that they are considering doing it in two parts rather than trying to cram the whole thing into one two – or even three hour movie is promising.  As I recall there’s a good break in the action near the middle of the book between Bilbo & Co. getting out of the Misty Mountains and before they venture into Mirkwood.  Mr. Flea also has a link to a You Tube “trailer” of The Hobbit.  Pretty neat.  Obviously much of the footage comes from LotR, but bonus brownie points to anyone who knows where the Smaug stuff comes from!



1. Elzbth - September 21, 2006

Pete’s Dragon?

2. Enas Yorl - September 22, 2006

Actually no – it’s from an early 80’s flick Dragonslayer. I probably watched that movie about a million times on cable when I was a kid.

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