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Movie Review – The Covenant September 9, 2006

Posted by Mitchell in Home, Science Fiction & Fantasy.

Synopsis: Magical teenager dudes threatened by another, more powerful magical teenager dude.

Starring: No one you’ve heard of.

Review: Meh.

I’ve been seeing the trailer in the movies for a while now and it looked interesting.  I should have seen Crank instead.



1. Anonymous - September 16, 2006

It sucked so hard there should be seatbelts in the theater to keep the audience from flying up and hitting the screen.
Did they stop paying the writer after the first draft?
Since when do teen girls walk around coed dorms in a towel?
What 17 yr old boy says the word “opportune” without getting beat up?
How does I read in a book that spiders are evil + I had a bad dream about spiders + my roomie got bitten by spiders = I should ask my boyfriend if someone cast an evil spider spell on my roomie because that’s totally believeable.. Happens all the time.. No one would call me crack baby for asking if it was a magic allergic reaction.

2. monkee - January 1, 2007

that movie was pretty good if you cant see that it was good you must be to realistic dont complain that alot of the stuff was to “fake”!! ITS A MOVIE!!!!! its not supposed to be “real” thats why we make movies to show stuff that cant really happen!

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