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I’m a Sad Man Tonight September 8, 2006

Posted by Mitchell in Home, Science & Technology.

Leaving work tonight I had a mishap with my iPod and it took a 20+ foot drop onto hard concrete.  It was in a solid plastic case and that prevented it from shattering into little pieces, but it wasn’t enough to keep it’s beautiful little screen from getting fragged though :(.  Hopefully it can be repaired, but I don’t expect it will be cheap though.  Not a great way to start a weekend, that’s for sure.


1. Retired Geezer - September 8, 2006

I bought my iPod at Comp USA and paid for the extended/replacement warrantee. I never needed it but I think it would have covered the drop.

2. Enas Yorl - September 9, 2006

Yah, I didn’t get the extended warrenty. It’s gonna cost me.

3. Purple Avenger - September 9, 2006

Buy another one with the extended warranty and return the damaged one. Sell the spare on eBay ;->

4. Enas Yorl - September 10, 2006

Mr. Avenger, that would be a highly dishonest thing to do. Plus they have serial number thingys and probably wouldn’t work anyway. But I like the way that you think! 😉

5. geoff - September 10, 2006

That happened to me, although the fall was much shallower. I sent it to iPod Rescue, and they replaced the screen for $150. I think their prices have dropped since then. They claim same-day service, although when I had mine repaired they didn’t have any replacement screens, so it took more like 10 days. That was shortly after the iPod Videos came out, so I assume the supply chain has become more stable. since.

6. Enas Yorl - September 12, 2006

Yeah, Dave @ Garfield Ridge used them too for his Nano. I signed up for the $29 diagnostic service. The screen is obviously fragged, but there is something else that rattles a bit when I tip it back and forth. It’s still $150 for the screen, btw. I got the overnight box this afternoon and sent it off. Oh, and Apple just launched the new 80 gig version with improved features for $349 today.

Oh well.

7. geoff - September 12, 2006

It’s still $150 for the screen, btw.

I’d better keep a tighter grip on it, then.

Oh, and Apple just launched the new 80 gig version with improved features for $349 today.

Sons of bitches must pay.

8. Enas Yorl - September 12, 2006

Sons of bitches must pay

LOL! Microsoft is rumored to launch their “iPod killer” Zune in time for Christmas this year. It will be interesting to see what MS has to offer.

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