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It Seems I May Be Worthy After All August 8, 2006

Posted by Mitchell in Home, Politics.

Another HOA board meeting last night – a “non-emergency” meeting this time.  Well, well – our representative from the property managment company was present and we got a better idea of how things are around here.  Hmm – some things are better, some are worse.  The board president asked me to hang around after the meeting broke up and asked me if I was still interested in serving on the board.  I said “yeah” and he introduced me to the property managment guy.  He also said that he was selling his house and would be resigning soon.  They REALLY need another person on board ASAP, so I’ll probably be appointed during the next meeting.  Oh, and the board just voted boost the monthly HOA dues by $35 a month in this session – to be ratified my the HOA members in the next meeting too.  Something tells me that I’m volunteering to Live in Interesting Times.



1. Retired Geezer - August 8, 2006

I question the timing.

Go get ’em Enas.

Hey on the weight-loss, you are aware that muscles weigh more than fat so if you’re doing the exercise thang, you won’t lose weight and will probably gain some before you start losing.

2. Retired Geezer - August 8, 2006

Oh, and how much *are* the HOA dues each month?

3. Enas Yorl - August 8, 2006

Thanks for checking in RG! Actually you mean that muscle is denser than fat – a pound is a pound regardless of what substince constitutes it. Even as I gain muscle I will still lose more fat volume & overall pounds.

HOA dues will go from $95 – $130

4. kevlarchick - August 9, 2006

They should waive your dues because of the immeasurable services you will provide.

5. Enas Yorl - August 9, 2006

Uhhh, yeah! I’ll try that!

6. Elzbth - August 9, 2006

They need someone with the determination it takes to get up at 4-frickin-thirty in the morning just to take a walk! Go for it, Enas.

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