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Rocky Start August 5, 2006

Posted by Mitchell in Home, Shrinking.

According to the scale this morning I lost 1.5 pounds in one week.  😦  That’s not very good, although I must say I didn’t adhere very well to my guidelines in the latter part of the week – so the results weren’t too surprising.  Dave in Texas has highly recommended the South Beach diet.  I already have the book, so I’m going to give it a go.  I’m in the process of going through my kitchen and tossing out what little bread I have left, and crackers ‘n whatnot.  In Phase 1 of SB, sugar and white flour are the evil things that must be banished. Since I already had some bread and other carby things this morning I guess my official South Beach plan will start tomorrow.  I am writing up my grocery list now.  If anyone else is following the no/low carb & sugar thing and you have some good and easy recipes you’d care to share please do so in the comments.  Thanks!



1. kevlarchick - August 7, 2006

Enas, you are on your way. You cheated and still lost. Just think how you’ll lose when you get serious.

Don’t look to me for recipes. I’m all about sugar, chocolate, and bread every day. Keeps me from getting cranky.

2. Dex - August 7, 2006

1.5 lbs is not bad – it’s normal weight loss. It’s the kind of weight loss where you don’t have to say “Results not typical” afterward. Every pound is a little victory. Keep it up!

3. Enas Yorl - August 7, 2006

Thanks y’all! Still – 1.5 in a week? Good grief, I’ll never get anywhere at that pace. I can dump this weight faster than that.

4. daveintexas - August 7, 2006

Bacon and eggs.

One of my favorite low carb recipes!

Lots of cheese and sammich meat for lunch.

t-bone for dinner.

and if you miss a beer, in 3 weeks (not now), Miller Lite is 3 grams of carbs.

Oh yeah, there is a sammich bread, EarthGrains, when you get past the first 3 weeks, 2 slices only 17 grams. And it doesn’t taste like chewing on a sponge!

you can do it.

5. daveintexas - August 7, 2006

oh, and lest I forget, 1.5 pounds a week is 78 pounds in a year.

how’s that sound now?

6. Enas Yorl - August 7, 2006

Yes, I like a good omelet myself – I can make a good veggie one very quickly. As for the bacon – wellll remember that South Beach ain’t Atkins. Saturated animal fat is frowned upon here. So, a couple of slices of canadian bacon fill that role. Ditto for the cheese – reduced fat and in moderation. SB is more about low-glycemic veggies, lean protiens, and healthful unsaturated fats. Tonight I had a small eye of round steak, celery with hummus and a few nibblings of this & that. Nothing extravagant, but it was quick and met my need for tonight.

I’m going to go very slow in adding carbs back in and definitely no alcohol. I’ll keep EarthGrains in mind – thanks!

78 pounds in a year? Yeah, okay – not bad, but I can do better though.

Well, time for bed – 4:30 comes early!

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