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The Final Project July 13, 2006

Posted by Mitchell in Art, Home.


Not bad, if I do say so myself.  I may add a little more shading on the leading edge of the cornfield and a little texture on the field itself, but it’s essentially done.  Later tonight I’ll add a picture of the very first watercolor I did in this class for comparison.

What do y’all think?

***UPDATE*** Unfortunately, I can’t post the very earliest works since the instructor (Alfonso) took them at the start of the class.  He intended to give them back at the end to show us how far we’ve come, but I think he forgot about them.  Ah well.  Needless to say they were a couple of very bad examples of still life.  Onward and upward!


1. kevlarchick - July 13, 2006

Love it Enas. But is that corn or wheat? Love the trees.

2. Enas Yorl - July 13, 2006

Thanks KC! I’ve been informed that it is indeed corn.

3. geoff - July 13, 2006

I’d hang it.

Very cool, Enas. It’s been a great vicarious experience looking over your shoulder as you took the class.

4. Enas Yorl - July 13, 2006

Thank you Geoff, I’ve enjoyed your insightful commentary! Keep checking back though, I’m far from done with watercolor paintings. In fact, I just ordered a set of six sable brushes for $100 that should get here early next week. But, more about materials later.

5. Retired Geezer - July 14, 2006

When I was younger, I used to dismiss watercolors as kid stuff.
I never realized the nuance you can display.

Good stuff Enas.

$100 for brushes?
I can get 2 Xbox games for that much money.

6. Mrs. Geezer - July 14, 2006

Enas, I agree with Geoff, I’d hang it!

I especially like your sky … good cloud formations. It can be tricky sometimes to make them look so natural. Good Job.

7. The Bareassed Sable - July 14, 2006


8. Enas Yorl - July 14, 2006

Thanks RG & Mrs. G!
Sorry Sable – they will grow back!

9. elzbth - July 15, 2006

Lovely! You really should hang that. We all look forward to seeing more, well, all of us except the bareassed sable.

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