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Next Week Is the Last Week of Watercolor Class July 7, 2006

Posted by Mitchell in Art, Home.

We will be focused in on our Final Project.  We spent much of last night’s class going through pictures to paint.  We had our choice of either each of us choosing our own picture to do, or everyone doing the same one.  I would have preferred the former, but the others wanted everyone to do the same.  A safer choice for them since everyone can learn from what everyone else is doing.  We narrowed down the choices to two:  a nice farm landscape and an arched rock-scape.  Tonight we did two small paintings of each one to get a feel for the subject.  They were 9 by 6 inches:


A half harvested wheat corn field against a back drop of autumn trees.  It’s a nice mixture of color and textures.

Rock Arch

Strong composition, but a limited range of colors.  Very rich detail in this piece though.

These were very small.  The final piece is going to be on 300 lb, 20 x 15 inch paper, or four times the size.  That’s a BIG difference!  Which one would you choose to do?

We chose the farm landscape.  It’s easier to draw, but it has significant painting challenges with it.  I liked the color variety particularly.

Oh! I should explain 300 lb paper.  Watercolor paper comes in various thicknesses.  We’ve generally used 140 lb paper for the duration of this class.  300 lb paper is about twice as thick.  


1. Muslihoon - July 7, 2006

I love the first picture. Wow. I’m impressed.

2. Enas Yorl - July 7, 2006

Thanks! I spent more time painting the first, and more time drawing the second. That one I painted very quickly in fact. One of the nice things about watercolors is that you don’t have (or shouldn’t, really) spend hours upon hours fiddling with it. It requires a disciplined and decisive hand. One of the nice benefits of this class is that my drawing skills are getting better too. A big reason why is due to the fact that I’m required to make real, definitive strokes rather than the tentative ditheriness I’m prone to.

3. elzbth - July 9, 2006

Now that you have conquered another medium, what is next? By the way, I like both paintings. Certainly neither of them look tentative or dithery.

4. kevlarchick - July 9, 2006

I like the first one too. Interesting perspective.

5. Enas Yorl - July 9, 2006

Elzbth, no dear – I haven’t even come close to conquering anything. I am just an egg. There is much to grok yet. These are okay, but historically I’ve been the Duke of Dither. I hope to change that on a permanent basis.

Kevlarchick – welcome back! I though mebbe you didn’t like me anymore.

6. Dave in Texas - July 10, 2006

Don’t be tentatively ditherin when it’s time for real, definitive strokes.

Now as funny as that is, I’m sure none of you will be surprised that I am still giggling like a retard over it.

7. kevlarchick - July 10, 2006

Enas, don’t be silly. I was on vacation at one of those beaches you painted.

And retard, different strokes for different folks. Sometimes I like a little ditherin, k?

8. Enas Yorl - July 10, 2006

Dave, nice catch on the inadvertant double entendre (sp?).
KC, yeah I just read that on IB. Glad you had fun rollicking in the surf!

9. Dave in Texas - July 10, 2006

Hey, I qualified it KC – I said don’t be ditherin when it’s time to be definitive.

I gots nothing against appropriate dithering.

10. Dave in Texas - July 10, 2006

that’s how I spell entendre

11. kevlarchick - July 11, 2006

You spelled entendre right, but Enas spelled inadvertent wrong. He’s the ditherer.

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