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Water, Water Everywhere June 23, 2006

Posted by Mitchell in Home.

We continue with the black and white, but explore some more complicated subjects here.  Now we are starting to look at real compositions.    boats.JPG

Sorry again for the cruddy picture quality.  These are done using ONLY various dilutions of "Lamp Black" color.  21boats.JPG

This is a second, considerably smaller one done "Wet-in-wet" style.  Much too wet.  You can see here how water pushes the pigment away from overly saturated areas.  You get these effects when you try to "correct" over applications of pigment.  One of the things that you have to keep in mind is that things tend to appear over saturated when wet and they soften up considerably during the drying process.  These are things that you have to realize and learn from.



1. geoff - June 23, 2006

This is a very cool series, Enas (the entire watercolor class series, I mean). I know nothing about art, and have proven repeatedly that arming myself with art supplies will just lead to Badness (actually, that applies to lab work as well). Fortunately I’ve never really had the desire to draw, paint, or sculpt.

So I didn’t expect to find your reports on the class you’re taking as entertaining and informative as they’ve been. But I really like seeing the progression of attempts, hearing about the mistakes, and seeing the good stuff. Now I’m hoping that you’ll take another class.

2. Muslihoon - June 23, 2006

Very nice boats. Well done.

I’m impressed, Enas! You’re an art god!

3. elzbth - June 23, 2006

Enas, I am impressed. It also sounds like you are having fun! Maybe I should try an art class, just for fun. What kind of art classes can non-artists take?

4. Enas Yorl - June 23, 2006

Thanks y’all.
Muslihoon, no art god am I. Maybe an art sprite? Imp? Yeah, maybe an art imp.
Elzbth – I am having fun and more importantly the act of creation inspires creativity. If you’re really interested in taking a class, I’d suggest Beginning Drawing. Learning to draw is really learning two skills – the mechanics of making the pencil do what you want it to, and MOST importantly, how to see. Anyway, check your local community college. You’ll find lots of other “non-artists” in the beginning classes. They are usually considered to be easy A’s and many non-art majors take them for electives. Plus, the materials are fairly inexpensive and not terribly messy.

5. blogidaho - June 24, 2006

Mrs. Geezer took a watercolor class at the Vegas Community College. She couldn’t remember the instructor’s name.
I think the class was on Sahara by Valley View.

6. Enas Yorl - June 24, 2006

I’m going to the CCSN campus on Charleston & Torrey Pines. The instructor’s name is Aldolfo something or other. I don’t know how long he’s been there. He’s a good teacher despite his political leanings, and I enjoy my discussions with him about art & stuff.

7. kevlarchick - June 24, 2006

I am anxiously awaiting the work entitled “kevlarchick’s Whim.”

8. blogidaho - June 24, 2006

Yeah, that’s the place.
Do they still have that gawd-awful paint job on the building in that same area? I think it’s the (surprise) mental health building.

9. Enas Yorl - June 24, 2006

Kevlarchick – I bet you are! I had a cool idea about it earlier today, in fact. I’ll start drawing it up tomorrow.

RG, all the buildings at that campus are in bright neon colors now. They even added bright purple lighting on the main building. 😀

10. Michael - June 24, 2006

I like the bird in the first one. Nice touch.

You’re right about the second one. Looks like everything melted. No bird.

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