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Watercolors Continued… June 22, 2006

Posted by Mitchell in Home.

After the ugly bottles we started getting into landscape elements.  The instructor painted a couple happy trees, one via brush only and the second using a sponge for the leafy material.  I don't usually draw happy, leafy trees.  I like naked, "attack" trees. 


Eh. Better than the bottles or the flowers, but not particularly good.  I didn't bother to finish it.

Next up – he showed a rockscape on a screen.  Paint!


Mmm. Starting to get a little better.  Watercolors demand a very different style of working than I'm used to.  You have to be fast and accurate, in a non-hurried and un-specific manner.  Yes, that makes no sense but it really is that way.

The instructor reminded me that I need to do a leafy tree. I went forth and I treed.


Not bad for a first effort at spongewielding.  The instructor chided me for not putting in a sky or ground.  I was wanting to get on to something else so I hadn't bothered. Fine – a quick sky & ground.  The instructor then chided me for putting in a heavy sky that left a halo around the tree – I should have just suggested a sky and left it mostly white.  He will remind me many more times about not leaving a halo in upcoming practice sessions.

Gotta run – more to come.


1. geoff - June 22, 2006

Seems like you have an urge to create a skewed symmetry between the sky and the water/ground. Like in the attack tree and the second seascape. More monsters from the Id?

2. Enas Yorl - June 22, 2006

Geoff – no, I don’t think so. Remember the sea stuff was just practice with some painterly effects, there was no effort to create any kind of composition. As for the tree – it’s unfinished. Originally I had in mind a tree on a rocky prominence high above the middle ground that fades into the mountains. The tree wasn’t working because I was doing to much. Maybe I’ll finish it anyway, just to get some practice with craggy rock features.

3. geoff - June 23, 2006

there was no effort to create any kind of composition.

Yeah, but that’s when the Id comes out. It just struck me when I looked at the 2nd seascape that the crests of the waves were not very distorted versions of the clouds above. And your attack tree had that roots = branches thing going on. Like you’re a dualism kind of guy. Or maybe it says more about me than it does about you.

4. Muslihoon - June 23, 2006

I like both of the trees.

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