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Writing Is Hard June 8, 2006

Posted by Mitchell in Home, Science & Technology.

One of my primary job functions is knowing how to extract useful and accurate data from a variety of different sources, hooking it up to our databases and using all this data to Figure Stuff Out.  I'm pretty good at it and they pay me pretty good money to have me stick around here and do it for them.  My boss worries a bit since I'm the only one in our division who knows where all these data sources are and how they are organized.  Should I ever get Run Over by the proverbial Truck they will have a very hard time Figuring Stuff Out.  To remedy this I'm charged with developing a training class complete with an instruction manual and then teach what I know to the rest of my team.  No fun.



1. elzbth - June 8, 2006

You’ll be busy! You have to write a manual, develop a class, teach a class. Your watercolor class should provide some stress relief.

2. Dex - June 9, 2006

at least you don’t have to go to India to teach it. so, that’s a plus.

3. Enas Yorl - June 9, 2006

Yes! There will be no outsourcing of my job or any of its functions. One of the perks of having a nice gubmint job is that it’s immune economic winds of fate. Although a trip to India could be fun.

4. blogidaho - June 24, 2006

Once you teach them your job, they won’t need to pay you the Big Bucks.


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