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Art Class June 5, 2006

Posted by Mitchell in Home.

Elzbth requests a class status report and more original artwork.  I am ever attentive to reader requests. 

Tonight was the first night of my class in Watercolor Painting. We met the instructor, went over the syllabus and introduced ourselves and a bit of our background.  There's only four of us in the class itself, plus a couple advanced students that are probably auditing the course to get some studio time in.  The instructor is uhhh, an interesting fellow.  He looks to be in his mid-60's, is of a mixed Italian & German heritage raised in Venezuela, and has a couple Master's degrees from the Art Institute of Chicago.  He said that his art is mostly Political and Enviromental.  Cue eyeroll.

He pulls out the slide projector and begins the presentation of his works.  His first picture is a portrait.  One of his early works, in oil.  Guess who?

If you guessed Che Guevara you would be correct.  And he had a halo, no less.  And little crosses made of bullets.  Bullets for the people he personally executed?  No, but because Che himself was executed with a bullet in Bolivia.  Oh, and Castro allowed it to happen.

What followed was a parade of notable communists & other dictators: Castro, Hussein (more on this guy), Arrafat, Gorby, Yeltsin, Mao.  Small portraits of Karl Marx with wings attached to his head adorned some of these.  Marx as an "angel" he explained.  He also liked to use Coca-Cola, Pepsi, and the U.S. Dollar bill as icons of the corrupting influence of Capitalism in Communistic societies.  He didn't come right out and say that of course, he even specifically stated the he wasn't a communist, it was just his observation & commentary on the world from his perspective.  Hussein had a darker halo – his was constructed from images of the burning of the oilfields in the first Gulf War.  He got negative enviromental brownie points for that one apparently.

After that we got into his watercolors.  A very different technique and subject matter, here.  Village scenes from rural Venezuela.  He generally uses a very loose, impressionist style, although he did slip in one fairly tight and detailed piece.

After that we got into his Major works – the Enviromental stuff.  Here he showed various series of panels that progressively show images of Eden getting cut down (evil capitalism), built over and ultimately rendered into deserts of death, or streams that turn into sewage, etc.    He didn't say what medium they were in, but I don't think they were watercolors though.  They looked like acrylics.

It's getting late – I'll post one of my original drawings and go over it in detail tomorrow.



1. kevlarchick - June 6, 2006

What, no Bob Marley? Pinochet? Stalin, Lenin?

Enas I’m looking forward to seeing your work. Keep your head down in that class, dude. Wouldn’t want you to get in a brawl or anything.

2. jayne - June 6, 2006

I hope you show your work. Watercolors are the most difficult medium for me. You have so little control. And mistakes are harder to cover up!

3. Enas Yorl - June 6, 2006

Lenin, of course he made an appearance – how could I leave him out? The picture the instructor showed him as the noble communistic ideal betrayed by the capitalistic (corrupted) Yeltsin. In all likelihood the class will move directly into the mechanicals of the media and we’ll leave political content behind. Brawls will not be forthcoming, I assure you.

Jayne, I certainly will post the works as I do them. Sometimes you have to lose control to learn control, and see mistakes as unexpected opportunities for exploration!

4. elzbth - June 6, 2006

Reading this post reminded me of one reason you are an anomaly. You are an artist who doesn’t lean far, far to the left. What happened there?

5. kevlarchick - June 6, 2006

And he’s not a temperamental scrapper. What gives?

6. Enas Yorl - June 7, 2006

Elzbth – see the Enas Yorl’s User’s Manual for a quick insight. I was fairly far along that dark path at one time. The journey back is another post.

Kevlarchick – Remember I do this art thing on the side. It’s a hobby. By day I’m a mild-mannered, data analyst for a major metropolitan utility.

Maybe the explanation is that really I’m originally a raging, psychotic, Ultra-Moonbat, High Lord of Leftism who in a lab experiment gone horribly wrong got exposed to usually lethal radioactive levels of the element of Commonsensium to be transformed into a mutant freak. One who’s posessed with abnormally lucid and logical thinking powers coupled with fantastic imaginatory & artistic powers!

7. daveintexas - June 10, 2006

I guessed Che.

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