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Today’s “Oh, CRAP!” Moment May 30, 2006

Posted by Mitchell in Home.

So I toodled over to my grocery store after work today to pick up a few things and as I stepped out of the Yorl-mobile I did my customary Wallet Pocket Pat and found my butt was somewhat less bulgy than usual in that area.  The cause for this was easily discovered – no wallet in wallet pocket.  Oh crap.  This sometimes happens, particularly when I go home to change clothes before heading out again, which I did in this case.  Except I only changed my shirt this time.  Somewhat concerned, I check the vehicle.  Nope.  I start to think back, when did I take my wallet out?  I had no recollection of doing so, nor any reason to do so.  Oh Crap.  A very nasty thought crawls out of a hole.  OH CRAP.  I desperately hope that the nasty thought is not true.  Before I get too worked up I have to check a few places first.  I hop back in and drive home.  I immediately check The Clutter Counter where end of the day items invariably congregate – keys, mail, pocket-junk-to-deal-with-later, occasionally my wallet.  Nope.  Work tote bag?  Nope.  Oh crap!  The nasty thought rears again.  It's at the hole!!  OH CRAP!! Today was a bit different at work as I was "out in the field" – a rare event.  I had to go install a piece of equipment on a meter for a small project I'm involved with.  This involved clambering in and out of a hole in the ground to do so.  This Enas Yorl unit is not designed for subterranean work.  My wallet could very well have fallen out during these awkward maneuvers.  The awful prospect of having to replace the important and valuable pieces of plastic and paper contained in the wallet hits me.  Desperately, I race upstairs to my room.  As I pass by my computer desk I glance at it – sitting serenely next to my laptop is one black leather wallet.  It seems that I didn't have the damn thing all day long. 

Once again, I'm reminded on a very personal level about how much of our lives are wrapped around little plastic or paper cards with numbers on them.  I know this intellectually of course, but this was a much more visceral thing.  Tomorrow I'm going to put together my OMFG I Really Did Lose It This Time action plan.



1. HayZeus - May 31, 2006

It’s things like the possibility of losing that wallet in that hole that make those confounded youngsters put chains on their wallets these days.

2. Sobek - May 31, 2006

One day I drove to the store, got about half of my grocery items, then realized I left my wallet at home. Oh crap! So I set the basket down with one of the checkout ladies, and tell her I’ll come back for it. Quick ride home, quick ride back to the store. I grab the basket, then realize I left my shopping list out in the car. Oh crap! So at that point I’m thinking, I can either drop the basket off with checkout lady again, or I can just go by memory (I compiled the list, not the wife). So I decide to go by memory. Get all my items, get them paid for, get back to the car. Get the list. Realize I forgot two things. OH CRAP!!!

Decide maybe I didn’t need those two things, anyway. Drive home grumbling.

3. blogidaho - June 1, 2006

Dude, I was so totally ‘with you’ on the Oh Crap feeling. Except for me it’s HOLYSHIT-I-LOST-MY-F’N-WALLET.
One time I was working an all-nighter at Bally’s. We were taking out Dean Martin and putting in the Englebert Humperdink show. I was leaving on vacation the next day so I had a couple of thousand in cash in my wallet.
I freaked out when I noticed it missing. I went out and searched the semi-trailers that the lighting came in. I searched high and low and after about an hour, I found it under the stage where I had been stringing 12/3 cable. All the money was there.
That was the day that I changed my habit of keeping my wallet in my back pocket, to keeping it in my front pocket.

One strategy I heard of was to go to a copy store and put all the contents on the copy machine and make copies. Make sure you get the back of the cards because that’s where the phone number is that you call when you lose it.

Oh yeah, don’t forget to take your stuff out of the machine when you leave.

Now that I think of it, I wonder if those machines make internal copies of any documents that are copied by the machine.
Anybody know?

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