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Song Remakes May 25, 2006

Posted by Mitchell in Home.

Okay, "Hazy Shade of Winter" just came on the radio.  The original Simon & Garfunkle version, you know, the one you almost never hear.  The version you do hear is the remake by The Bangles, which happens to be my second most favorite Bangles song*.  This is one of those instances where a remake of a song completely blows away the original that it actually supplants it in the public conciousness.  Another would be "All Along the Watchtower".  It was years before I learned that it was a Bob Dylan song, and not Hendrixian in origin.  I've never even heard Dylan's version since It's NEVER played on the raidio.  I can only imagine how awful the Dylan version sounds in comparison.  Those are the only two I can think of off the top of my head.  Does anybody have any more?

*My most favoritest Bangles song is of course "Walk Like an Egyptian", which is kinda ironic considering my recent treatmet by an ancient Egyptian crocodile god.



1. kevlarchick - May 25, 2006

“China Girl” – Iggy Pop then David Bowie. I love Bowie’s version.

“Hurt” – Nine Inch Nails then The Man in Black. Both are cool.

“Little Wing” first Hendrix then Stevie Ray Vaughn and Sting. Stevie’s is so clean, love it too. Vocally Sting nails it.

“You Shook Me” Muddy Waters then Zeppelin did it big and heavy. Zep’s version is like hot grinding sex. Damn good stuff.

2. digitalbrownshirt - May 25, 2006

“Always Something There to Remind Me” by Naked Eyes. I didn’t even know it was a remake until a couple years ago when I heard a 60’s British female version. Never did find out who sang it back then.

3. Sobek - May 25, 2006

This one only half-way counts, but Public Enemy’s “Bring Tha Noize” sucks, while their re-make with Anthrax is one of the greatest songs of all time. Same with Public Enemy’s “Fight the Power” (only half-way decent) and Barenaked Ladies’ “Fight the Power” (freakin’ awesome).

I second Johnny Cash’s version of “Hurt.” When I heard about that, I imagined it would suck like all get-out, but it’s really cool.

Smashing Pumpkins does a great cover of “Dancing in the Moonlight.” I’ve never heard the Thin Lizzy version, but no way is it as good.

I like Don Henley’s “Boys of Summer,” but the punk re-make by The Ataris is even better.

I don’t know who did it, but someone did a re-make of Duran Duran’s “Rio.” It starts out as a punk cover, and as a punk cover it’s a meh version of a meh song. But then, totally out of nowhere, it morphs into this screaming, wailing, butt-rock version. Seriously, it sounds like it belongs on a vintage Poison record. Absolutely brilliant. Maybe it was Goldfinger.

Suicidal Tendencies did “Institutionalized,” which is a pretty good punk track, but Black Velvet Flag covered it as a swinging lounge version, and it’s also one of the greatest songs of all time.

4. Sobek - May 25, 2006

Also, I guess I should point out that Hazy Shade of Winter is also a fantastic remake, that I had no idea was a remake. The Bangles put out some great songs: Hazy Shade, Eternal Flame, In Your Room (Egyptian and Manic Monday are okay).

5. Enas Yorl - May 25, 2006

Kevlarchick, I’ve heard SRV’s version of “Little Wing”, it’s good but I like the original better. I’ve never heard Sting’s version but I wouldn’t be surprised if he sang it better as Sting is a much better vocalist than Hendrix was.

Nine Inch Nails – Never interested.

Muddy Waters – Heard OF them, never listened. Led Zep – passing interest only. Of course I had the “Old Man With Sticks On His Back” cd. I don’t anymore, and I don’t particularly miss it, except for “Battle of Evermore”. I would like to have that song.

Digitalbrownshirt – Good one! I never knew there was an earlier version of that song.

6. Enas Yorl - May 25, 2006

Ok, Sobek you just put up a bunch of stuff while I was responding to KC & DBS. Let’s see here…

Hm. You and I have rather different tastes in music! I don’t know much about anything you wrote before Don Henley & The Ataris, and I would agree with that one. But are The Ataris “punk”? They actually seem to know how to play their instruments. iTunes would probably label them “Alternative”. Sorry, I’m not familiar with any of the rest of the bands or songs you wrote about.

Oh, there’s too much to write about here, I’m gonna have to put up a dedicated post.

7. kevlarchick - May 26, 2006

Enas, you might dig Zeppelin’s (Page and Plant only) last CD No Quarter. They cover their own songs, but with an Egyptian backup band. They do “Battle of Evermore” with this crazy Middle Eastern wailing woman. And they do “Four Sticks” Egyptian style–think whirling dervishes.

Sobek, did you ever like The Cult? They had a few heavy ones.

8. Sobek - May 26, 2006

Fire Woman and one other — I forget the name — are pretty good, but other than that I never listened to them.

9. digitalbrownshirt - May 27, 2006

Muddy Waters wasn’t a “them”, it was a “him”. I’m more of a Robert Johnson fan.

“Love Removal Machine” rocked, even if it didn’t make any sense. I saw the Cult when they toured with Guns N’ Roses as the opening act.

10. Enas Yorl - May 27, 2006

DBS, re: Muddy Waters – yes, of course I should have known he was a person. I’ve never been a big Blues fan myself, but obviously it (and he) have had, and are still, huge influences in modern music. I need to do my post on the whole music thing, so I’ll get started on it.

11. Izzy - June 20, 2006

ICover hits sounds good when done right but some can sound very horrible here is a list of a heap of non original songs…

Alex C – Rhythm Of The Night (Original by Corona early 90s)
Alex K – One Summer (Original by Daryl Braithwait late 80s)
Novaspace – Time After Time (Original by Cyndi Lauper 80s)
Novaspace – All Through The Night (Original by Cyndi Lauper 80s)
DJ Sammy – Why (Original by Annie Lennox late 80s early 90s)
DJ Sammy – Heaven (Original by Bryan Adams 80s)
Cut ‘N’ Move – Give It Up (Original by KC & The Sunshine Band)
Scooter – Logical Song (The original i’m not sure of but it was terrible)
LMC vs. U2 – Take Me To The Clouds Above (this was Whtney Houstens Lyrics mixed with U2’s with or without you music but tempo up a bit) – this song was ok but repeated itself a bit too much.
Groove Coverage – Poison (Rock Version) (Original by Alice Cooper)
Friday Night Posse vs. Gabrielle – Dreams (Original by Gabrielle 90s)
Girls Aloud – Jump (Orignal by Pointer Sisters)
Slinkee Minx – Summer Rain (Original by Belinda Carlisle 80s)
Unique II – Break My Stride (Original by Matthew Wilder (?))
Nicki Franch – Total Eclipse Of The Heart (Original by Bonnie Tyler)
Miio – Girls Just Wanna ave Fun (Original by Cyndi Lauper 80s)
A1 – Take On Me (Original by A-Ha)
Digital Beach – It Must Have Been Love (Original by Roxette)
DHT – Lsten To Your Heart (Original by Roxette)
Moustache – Everywhere (Original by Fleetwood Mac)
AVMP vs. Gine G – Ooh Aah Just A Little But 2004 (Original by Gina G)
Whigfield – Saturday Night 2003 (Original by Whigfield)
Nick Skitz – Slave To The Music (Original by Twenty 4 Seven in 1993)
Party Pimpz – Give It Up (Original by KC & The Sunshine Band)
Ace Of Base – All That She Wants 2004 (Original by Ace Of Base)
Eric Prydz – Call On Me (Original by Steve Winwood by different title)
Eyeopener – Hungry Eyes (Original by ???)
Eyeopener – Sexy Eyes (Original by Whigfield)
Special D – Nothing I Won’t Do (Original by JX 90s)
Special D – Home Alone (Original by ???)
Kurt Nilsen – She’s So High (Original by Tal Bachman 90s) – sounds same as original.
Mysterio – Fading Like A Flower (Original by Roxette early 90s)
Lisa Scott Lee – U Sure Do (Original by Strike)
Snow – Informer 2004 (Orignal by Snow 1990)
Peter Andre – Mysterious Girl 2004 (Orignal by Peter Andre 90s)
Kacey Baker – Ice Ice Baby (Original by Vanilla Ice 1990)
Urban Cookie Collective – The Key The Secret 2004 (Original by Urban Cookie Collective)
Blue Lagoon – Break My Stride (Original by Matthew Wilder (?))
Jan Wayne – Total Eclipse Of The Heart (Original by Bonnie Tyler)
Mad Candy – Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (original by Cyndi Lauper) – too rock for this song.
Maurice – I Kiss Your Lips (Original by Tokyo Ghetto Pussy 90s)
Sugabeatz – She Drives Me Crazy (Original by Fine Young Cannibals 90s)
Maximus vs. banks – Take On Me (Original by A-Ha)
Northernbeat – Rockin 4 Myself (Original by Motiv8 90s)
Angel – U Sure Do (Original by Strike)
Kim Carnes – Better Davis Eyes 2005 (Original by Kim Carnes)
Gwennyth Paltrow – Bette Davis Eyes (Original by Kim Carnes)
Tabledancers vs. Roxette – Joyride (Original by Roxette)
Dancing DJ’s vs. Roxette – Fading Like A Flower (Original by Roxette)
LMC – Don’t Let Go (Original by New Radicals)
Saint – Show Me Heaven (Original by Maria McKee)
Pascal – Run To You (Original by Bryan Adams)
Toog – Behind Blue Eyes (Original by Limp Bizkit)
Tragma – Things Can Only Get Better (Original by D:Ream)
Tune Up – Forever Young (Original by Alphaville or Interactive)
Girls Of FHM – Da Ya Think I’m Sexy (Original by Rod Stewart)
Rod Stewart – Da Ya Think I’m Sexy 2006 (Original by Rod Stewart)
Active 8 – Simply The Best (Original by Tina Turner)
Partycheckerz – Baby I Love Your Way (Original by Big Mountain)
Northstarz – Baby Baby (Original by Corona)
Dario G – Dream To Me (Original by Chranberries)
Beat Factory – Take On Me (original by A-Ha)
Mysterio – I Was Made For Love You (Original by Kiss (?))
2 Sexy – Like A Prayer (Original by Madonna)
Celtic Pride – Take Me To The Clouds Above (Original by LMC vs. U2)
DJ Otzi – Summer of 69 (Original by Bryan Adams)
Shana Vanguarde – Gimme Gimme Gimme (Original by ABBA)
Damae – I’ve Been Thinking About You (Original by Londonbeat)
Audio Sweet – Sunshine After The Rain (Original by Berri (?))
Flip ‘N’ Fill – U R The Best Thing (Original by D:Ream)
DJ Kickin – What’s Up (Original by 4 Non Blondes)
Zander – What’s Up (Original by 4 Non Blondes)
Boom Boxx – Boom Boom Boom (Original by Outhere Brothers)
Carbon Dioxide – Right Here Right Now (Original by Fatboy Slim)
Alex Andiamo – Hey Baby (Original by DJ Otzi)
Flexter – Total Eclipse Of The Heart (original by Bonnie Tyler)
D-Me – Boys & Girls (Original by Blur)
Yellowcard – Everywhere (Original by Michelle Branch)
Black Bamba – I Like 2 Move It (Original by Reel 2 Reel)
Cascada – How Do You Do (Original by Roxette)
Dandoo – You Spin Me Round (Original by Dead Or Alive)
Cover Girls – You’re Beautiful (Original by James Blunt)
Unckle Cracker – Time After Time (original by Cyndi Lauper)
Onyx – Right In The Night (Original by Jam & Spoon)
Linus Loves – Stand Back (Original By Stevie Nicks (?))
Virus Inc – Heaven Is A Place On Earth (Original by Belinda Carlisle)
Soda Club – Heaven Is A Place On Earth (Original by Belinda Carlsile)
Lenny Bertoldo – I Touch Myself (Original by Divinyls)
UB40 – Can’t Help Falling In Love (Original by Elvis Presley)
Shana Vanguarde – Mamma Mia (Orignal by ABBA)
A*TEENS – Can’t Help Flling In Love (original by Elvis Presley)
Double U – Please Don’t Go (Original by KWS (?))
Yamboo – Sing Hallelujah (Original by Dr Alban)
Dr Alban – Sing Hallelujah 2004 (Original by Dr Alban)
Real Booty Babes – Since U Been Gone (Original by Kelly Clarkson)
Real Booty Babes – Behind These Hazel Eyes (Original by Kelly Clarkson)
Magnum – In The Shadows (Original by Rasmus)
BasseBeatz – Get-A-Way (Original by Maxx)
Girls Aloud – Stand By You (Original by Pretenders)
Jackie O – Save Tonight (Original by Hootie & The Blowfish)
Romini Project – Sometimes When We Touch (Original by Newton)
Tracey Cole – In The Shadows (Original by Rasmus)
Velvet – Don’t Stop Movin’ (Original by Livin’ Joy)
Alanis Morissette – Crazy (Original by Seal)
Jordan James – Livin Like A Pryer (Original by Bon Jovi)
Tears ‘N’ Joy – I Will Always Love You (Original by Dolly Paton)
Belinda Carlisle – Heaven Is A Place On Earth 2006 (original by Belinda Carlisle)
Klub Kidz – Incomplete (Original by Backstreet Boys)
Klub Kidz – You’re Beautiful (Original by James Blnt)
JP Project – She Will Be Loved (Original by Maroon 5)
Impact – If U Come 2 Me (Original by Atomic Kitten)
Real McCoy Another Night 2006 (Original by Real McCoy)
Sctaman John – Sctaman 2003 (riginal by Scatman John)
Haddaway – What Is Love (reloaded) (Original by Haddaway)
Culture Beat Mr Vain Recall (Original by Culture Beat)
2 Unlimited – No Limit 2.3 (Original by 2 Unlimited)
Beam Vs Cyrus – U Can’t Touch This (Original by MC Hammer)
R.I.P. – Shut Up (original by Black Eyed Peas)
Nick Skitz – Run To Paradise (Oiriginal by Choirboys)

that’s only a small potion of them there would be tousands more.

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