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Mrs. Peel Has Graduated! May 15, 2006

Posted by Mitchell in Home, Strange & Unusual.

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To celebrate, I present to you:

Top 10 Most Annoying Things Mrs. Peel Will Have to Face Working in the Real World After Graduating College. 

  1. Being called “The Kid”, maybe even “Kiddo”.  This will get old fast, but she will have deal with it for quite some time.  Tough it out Kid!
  2. She faces a lifetime of “Aggie” jokes. 
  3. Since she’s “The New Kid”, she will be assigned to do other people’s copying and filing.  This is to “learn how the organization works.” 
  4. At some point she will do something really brilliant and earn respect and admiration, but then she’ll be immediately admonished to “Not get cocky, Kid.”  Depending on the circumstances, she might even overhear someone mutter something about “Beginner’s luck.”
  5. Mrs. Peel will be teamed up with a crusty, irritating, old guy a couple years from retirement, to “show her the ropes”.  He will be somewhat resentful that he has to deal with some “wet-behind-the-ears” kid, and will probably call her  “Greenhorn”.  He knows an astonishing array of annoying “Aggie” jokes.
  6. Mrs. Peel will notice very quickly that nobody does things the way she was taught in school.  Whenever she remarks upon this she will be told, “Hey, this is the ‘Real World’ Kid, not school!”
  7. At some point she will observe some particularly inefficient, and/or elaborately bureaucratic process that doesn’t make sense.  She will then point this out in a departmental meeting and suggest some entirely reasonable and sensible solution to the issue.  The manager will then inform her that “Well, this is the way we do things around here, get used to it” and furthermore:  “don’t go around fixing things that ain’t broke, Kid.” From the amused smirks of her coworkers she will realize that many other people have made the same observation and probably had the same suggested fix.
  8. At some point Mrs. Peel will get really tired of being called “Kid” and will get a bit snippy about it.  Everyone will then start to wonder “What’s up with the Kid today?”  Someone will invariably advise her to  “just take it easy, Kid.”
  9. The guy who has his own office next to Mrs. Peel's cubicle and makes 3 times her starting salary never finished college.
  10. At the end of a long, productive career she will get teamed up with some young know-it-all just out of college to "teach him the ropes".  Mrs. Peel will be irritated that she's the one that has to get Mr. Clueless up and running.  She will make him do her copying and filing of ridulian crystal sheets, while cracking lots of annoying "Aggie" jokes.
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