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Music Leads to Geeky Goodness May 12, 2006

Posted by Mitchell in Home, Science Fiction & Fantasy.

I’ve been getting tired of listening to the same old, same old so I’ve been branching out a bit and listening to different stuff.  Anyway, I bought a Clannad CD (“Greatest Hits” of course) from my music club and it finally arrived yesterday.  I didn't get around to listening to it until today.  One of the songs is Robin (The Hooded Man).  I wondered if it had anything to do with a TV show I used to watch on cable when I was a kid.  Glory be!  It’s none other than the theme song itself!  Let me make one thing absolutely clear:  I.LOVED.THAT.SHOW.  I never missed an episode, and watched every re-run that I could.  Anyway, it was a nice blast from the past.  The rest of the album is pretty good too.  Still, it got me curious about the show again.  The last time I checked a year or so ago, only videotapes were available.  Eh, pass.  Still, they seem to be coming out with more and more old shows on DVD, so I thought I’d check again today. 




They do.  I couldn’t believe it – the whole three year run on DVD.  Steep price though, with shipping & handling it’s gonna be a C-note.  Do I really have enough geek-love to cough up a Ben Franklin for a show I haven’t seen in 20 years?

Sigh.  Yes, probably.  And here I was looking forward to getting my credit cards all paid off this month.



1. Muslihoon - May 12, 2006


I need to get a hobby.

2. elzbth - May 13, 2006

Does that count as a hobby? It sounds like fun viewing, though. That was a good show.

Once one of my brothers bought a set of disco music Cds. He was just a wee, little tyke when disco music was popular. I don’t know. Maybe he was drunk at the time.

3. geoff - May 15, 2006

Kind of nostalgiac – I haven’t listened to Clannad in years. Your find of Robin Hood inspired me to start looking up the old 60s shows like Rat Patrol, Combat, Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, and Time Tunnel. Hey, they’re all now available on Amazon! And so is UFO!

4. Elzbth - May 17, 2006

Rat Patrol? Was that a cartoon?

5. Enas Yorl - May 17, 2006

Elzbth, I think “Rat Patrol” was a WWII action/adventure series set in the desert.

Geoff, correct me if I’m wrong.

6. geoff - May 21, 2006

Uh, sorry – didn’t notice that a question had been posed. Yes Rat Patrol was a live action 60s TV series about US soldiers in North Africa running around blowing stuff up. As a kid who wasn’t allowed to watch it very often, it was one of the coolest shows ever. Seems like every episode concluded with a Nazi ammo/gasoline dump being blown up as our boys (in two jeeps with machine guns mounted in back) drove away in the nick of time.

And the theme song was cool, too.

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