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More Dalinean Goodness! May 11, 2006

Posted by Mitchell in Art, Home.

Here’s some interesting follow up on the “Combat” image beyond the jump in the post below.  It was one of a series of compositions he did as illustrations for a new 700 year commemorative edition of "The Divine Comedy" by Dante.  Ultimately he did 100 watercolors for the entire three volume set.  All of these watercolors were then done as hand-carved woodblock prints by master artisans.  Sometime later art collectors became interested in the illustrations themselves and many of the books were taken apart to sell the individual illustrations.  A full set of the hand-signed illustrations costs around $29,000.  No watercolor version of “Combat” was done and it is not included in the final version. 

I used to own two of these unsigned illustrations.  One was destroyed when the apartment I was living in got flooded.  The other hangs on my wall now.  Below is a signed version of the one that I still have.


Note that the bottom drawer requires a key.

The one that got ruined had a version of the Great Masturbator incorporated into it.  Great indeed was the wailing and gnashing of teeth the day I discovered that.


1. Muslihoon - May 12, 2006

Wow. Very interesting. How much did they cost you? Were they really signed by Dali or just a facsimile thereof?

2. Enas Yorl - May 13, 2006

At the time I worked for the gallery that sold them to me, so I got the employee 50% discount. I got the pair unframed for about $250. Not bad! And yes, Dali did in fact hand sign all the illustrations for some few special edition copies. I forget how many, but there weren’t a lot. Not only that, but he did quick pencil sketches on the first pages of these editions.

As for Dali signing stuff – therein lies a story of woe and intrigue I’ll tell y’all about later.

3. Muslihoon - May 13, 2006

It just amazes me that you have something signed by Dali. Like having a Monet or Renoir or da Vinci. Very cool!

4. Enas Yorl - May 13, 2006

Muslihoon, sorry if I was unclear, but my prints were the much more inexpensive unsigned versions.

5. Muslihoon - May 14, 2006

Ah. No, I misread. Still. A Dali. Wow.

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